Why Text Message Archiving is Critical for Your Business

Many businesses use text messaging for their official communications. The increased use of these platforms is attributed to their ease of use and quick accessibility, which are valuable for increased efficiency and productivity.

However, while it is good to reap the benefits of these platforms, all businesses must remember to maintain text message compliance. Organizations like the SEC, HIPAA, and FINRA regulate business communications and may impose harsh penalties when violated.

Having a text message archive app is paramount in protecting companies from legal violations related to messages. But why must businesses have one?

Maintain Compliance

As mentioned, the top reason why your company must invest in a reliable message archiving solution is to maintain regulatory compliance. The SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, and GDPR require businesses to have an archiver and a strict policy.

Message archives instantly capture and store all messages sent to and from the businesses, allowing you to own an extensive record of every conversation. Meta data like the time sent, the sender and recipient, and the exact content of the message are also recorded.

With an archive, you can be sure information about your conversations is secure. 

Litigation and E-Discoveries

Let’s assume that a business is going through a trial and was asked by the court to produce copies of their conversations in text messages. A company that has not been careful and neglected using an archive might be unable to present the necessary documents.

In this digital age, electronic copies have become a standard piece of evidence in the legal area. If your business faces court, an archive could save you from unwanted consequences.

Ethical Communications

It can be easy to hide unethical behavior in text messages. A sender could deliver an unpleasant chat to a recipient within or outside the company and then delete it. Once deleted, you can’t recover the information, making it hard to prove anything against the offender.

Since an archive instantly captures all messages, you can deter unethical texting habits between employees, customers, or business partners. 

Business Insights

Text message archives are not just precautionary tools; the software is also a valuable source of business insights to improve operations.

For instance, the records of conversations with your target market can give you an idea of their individual preferences, messaging habits, and patronage. This information allows you to optimize your customer service to tailor to specific needs and streamline marketing strategies.

Powerful Archiving Solutions for Every Business

Whether you want to maintain compliance with complex messaging regulations or improve your data-gathering process, an archive is your top answer. 

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