What are the 7 Best Desert Safaris in Dubai 2022?

One of the best ways to see Emirati Culture is through a desert safari. If you’re looking for more than a standard York taxi ride, here’s our selection of Dubai’s best desert safaris. Get ready to feel the adrenaline rush and get on board.

Platinum Heritage: Bedouin Life, Falconry, Wildlife Drive

This tour allows guests to “experience life as Bedouin nomads,” but the best part is being picked up at your hotel in a luxury land rover. 

Camels will transport you to the Bedouin camp at sunrise. The desert conservation reserve wildlife safari, which stops to view local animals, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Guides are wonderful: they will help you prepare traditional Arabic Dishes as well as explain the basics of local Arabic dancing.

Rayna Tours & Travel offers Overnight Safari

Driver travel AI Awir road through the desert to take dune driving lessons and capture sunset photos. Head to the camp for camel rides. The next stop is the belly dance show, open bar, henna-painting, and fire show. It’s the overnight experience, however, that truly makes it special.

After all, guests have left, the guide will set up camp with blankets and sleeping bags, as well as stargazing talk. It is amazing to watch the sunrise over breakfast at your camp. Pre-booking is required to ensure that guides are available for quad biking and sand skiing on the return journey to Dubai. 

Evening Desert Safari at Atlanta Safari Dubai

It is magical to venture into the desert at night. This safari takes place late afternoon or evening. This tour is all about making sure guests feel comfortable and well taken care of. After everyone has arrived at the camp, they offer pre-dinner snacks and henna tattoos. There are also live dance performances. Then you’ll be served the best desert safari dinner that includes salads as well as lamb roasted below ground. 

Platinum Heritage offers hot air balloons and overnight desert safari flights.

This luxury safari is unbeatable. The hotel will pick you up in a vintage landrover. Guides will entertain guests as they take you out of Dubai and into the desert. They will also give you a brief overview of local and custom traditions. 

The tours were transported into safari-style. African Safari once you reach Dubai desert conservation reserve. Extra special touches include the camels that transport you back to your Arabic tent at night, and the hot air balloon flight in the morning is magical. 

Dream Explorer Dubai: Dune Riders (Adventure Unlimited)

This tours tribe is made up of adventure-seeker travelers. After you reach the desert, you’ll be briefed about safety and then you can start dripping and driving on sun-burnt sand dunes. Some of these dunes are at an incredible 90-degree angle. You don’t have to worry about getting lost in the middle of the desert. Additional thrills can be enjoyed by sandboarding for an hour.

Red Dunes Desert Safari Quad Bikes Safari

Nothing is more thrilling than riding your quad bike across the desert. All guests are picked up from the hotel and driven for 30 mins to the quad bike spot in the desert. 

Although it isn’t the most extravagant or in-depth desert safari you can do, it is a great way to get a taste of local Arabic culture and experience a little adventure in a short span of time.

Hummer H2 Safari by SandTrax Dubai Desert Safaris

The four-hour tour starts with a pick-up at your hotel in a large white hummer that will take you to the desert. The driver is extremely organized and all guides you through the itinerary. There are photos at sunset, a thrilling dune drive, and belly dancing. 

A lot of people go on desert safaris with a land cruiser. However, a hummer offers something completely new.

Desert Safari with Arabian Nights Tours

It’s amazing to feel the adrenaline rush from sand dunes bumping against your body. But it’s camp time after the drive that truly stands out. This camp offers shwarma, an Arabic traditional dish consisting of chicken, falafel, or ground meat. It is served in a wrap.

You can get henna tattoos, watch a show of belly dancing, or just relax at the table with your friends before you are driven back to your hotel. 

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