Types of knee support 

It is essential to keep our knees intact since they are crucial for our mobility. But if you suffer from chronic knee pain, it’s time for you to adopt knee support. Knee support plays a vital role in reducing knee pain and strengthening knees. People with knee injuries embrace knee support to get rid of acute knee pain and problems. The following is a guide to various kinds of knee support available for you to choose from. 

Different kinds of knee support for your pain: 

Knee support is very effective in treating knee pain of different kinds. There are five types of knee support. They are:

  • Knee sleeves:


Certain knee support comes in the form of elastic bands that you can slide up to your knees. It means that you can wear them as sleeves up your legs. Knee sleeves have soft paddings around the knee cap. Nowadays, the knee cap region is often left open to provide maximum support. 

Knee sleeves are made of neoprene that provides fine compression to the knee joints and muscles and helps them to remain intact. They work well in reducing knee swelling and recovering from knee injuries.

  • Knee pads:

Knee pads are exclusive knee sleeves that have rich paddings. They tightly wrap around the knee with the help of straps. Knee caps are good for reducing the risk of injuries. The rich pads are effective enough to keep your knees away from direct shocks. Young athletes and volleyball players prefer to use knee pads.

  • Hinged knee braces:

Hinged knee braces are known to provide the maximum support among all knee support. They are knee support with polycentric hinges that allow them to bend along with the knees. Hinged knee braces aim to support the lateral and collateral ligaments of our knees. It promotes increased stability of the knees. For any contact sport such as football, prophylactic knee braces work well in preventing potential knee injury.

Hinged knee braces are very effective in the postoperative treatment of knees. They wrap around the leg with metal bars along both sides of the knee and keep them in one place. This restriction allows the knees to heal faster. Hinged braces use hinges to provide us with a range of motion.

  • Patellar straps: 

Patellar straps are hugely popular among people with knee problems. These are modern knee support that comes in the form of straps. Patellar straps are very easy to put around the knees. They aim to treat anterior knee pain and are most popular in young athletes. 

There is a special way of wearing these straps. Position the patellar straps between the bottom of your kneecap and shin to get maximum support. Patellar straps are good for treating stressed tendons and treating patellar tendonitis.

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