Tej Kohli – The Indian Born CEO Dominating US Tech Landscape

It joked that you would find an Indian in any part of the world. Not only will they be there, but the Indians will somehow manage to make a mark for themselves in that place. The saying is true because of people like Tej Kohli, Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Parag Agarwal, and Shantanu Narayen, to name a few.

These stalwarts make up 6% of Silicon Valley’s workforce, making them the cut above the rest is their passion for their work. Entrepreneur and angel investor Tej Kohli, an alum of IIT Kanpur, became one of the Indians who paved the way for a better technological landscape.

In 2000, when the world was going through the ‘Dot Com Boom’ and the scene was like Wild West days, Tej Kohli helped the Estacion Tramar snowball.

It was one of the few firms in the market that used the latest technology to prevent payment and market frauds. For years, Tej Kohli and his team had worked tirelessly to build a company that could stay ahead of the fraudsters and the other competitors in the payment gateway business. As a result, Estacion Tramar was one of the most preferred payment gateway firms for high-risk industries globally.

Before that, his passion and technology innovation was evident when he pitched about installing a process controller at his first job in the Toshiba factory. He believed it would increase the efficiency of the factory, but the factory manager rejected it. But being headstrong, Kohli met the company’s CEO and pitched the idea, which was liked and implemented. However, Kohli moved to the US with his mother before the installation and started his entrepreneurial journey.

Through several ups and downs, Kohli has amassed a wealth many can only dream of. But investor Tej Kohli’s mission has been more than that; he uses his wealth to dominate the technology landscape in the US, England, and other developing nations to build equipment like bionic hands and AI-powered technology to make a life for people better.

Philanthropist Tej Kohli has been combining technology and money to create a sustainable and economically viable future. His mission is now to cure the unnecessary blindness caused due to cataracts in developing countries. Tej Kholi has joined hands with Dr. Sanduk Ruit to form the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation to help underserved people of the developing nations to regain their vision to warrant a better life.

You can learn more about how Tej Kohli is helping the world and the people from his blogs.

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