Is CoolSculpting® Painful?

There are numerous cosmetic procedures that have become increasingly popular over the years. One of such is laser hair removal. Another is CoolSculpting. Also known as Cryolipolysis, or “freezing” fat cells is a procedure that doesn’t respond to conventional exercise and dietary practices, and has received FDA clearance. Additionally, it is occasionally applied to the treatment of lipomas. Technically speaking, there is no surgery involved in the treatment.

This does not imply that Coolsculpting has no adverse effects at all. These are some potential outcomes, even though it is not intended to cause long-term discomfort and anguish. The actual procedure’s “cooling” effects are what cause the majority of discomfort. This discomfort may come and go as your body adjusts to the elimination of fat cells.

Continue reading to discover more about these adverse effects so you can talk to a doctor before beginning this surgery.

Does CoolSculpting Hurt?

The majority of the discomfort with Coolsculpting is felt during the actual process. According to the company’s statement on the official Coolsculpting website, it is possible to experience pain as a result of the numbness brought on by the cold sensations from the freezing applicator used during the operation. As the fat cells are drawn out and frozen, you can also experience very small pinching and pulling sensations. 5 and 15 minutes of the 60-minute treatment time may be devoted to these effects.

You can endure pain, itching, and swelling following the operation. The abdomen is the most sensitive, and the degree of pain experienced can also differ between treatment locations.

The procedure of coolsculpting doesn’t harm nerves. However, according to the Center for Aesthetics, numbness is typical. This may continue for several weeks. And it can come and go.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that extreme pain and nerve discomfort may persist for several days or weeks following the treatment. These reports weren’t gathered in a regulated clinical environment.

Side effects include: Common side effects after Coolsculpting include: bruising, diarrhea, aches, numbness, nausea, swelling, itchiness, redness, and more.

According to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Coolsculpting is “a safe and effective nonsurgical body shaping procedure.” Although the discomfort experienced during Coolsculpting is only supposed to last a short while, it is possible to experience these effects for a longer time and with greater severity. Another aspect to take into account is your personal pain threshold.

Contact individuals who have undergone the treatment and discuss Coolsculpting or laser hair removal with your healthcare physician.

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