How To Save Water: 7 Excellent Tips

An average person uses 140 L of water daily. However, studies are reporting that there will be substantial water deficits by the time we reach the year 2080. Thus, it is our responsibility to start cutting down on water usage. If you’re looking for a way to save water (วิธีประหยัดน้ำ, which is the term in Thai), you have come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out eight different ways you can save water.

1.  Shut Off The Water Supply

Turn off the tap, and you are brushing and save you at least 6 L of water on every minute basis. If you have the tabs at your home, get them fixed. This way, you can save around 60 L of water pouring down your drain every week. Stop allowing water usage to spiral out of control.

2.  Reduce Your Shower Duration

A shower consumes at least 17 L of water every minute. You can either choose not to use showers for baths, or you can use the time limit when you are under the shower. Set a timer on your phone when you get into the shower. Alternatively, you can use a more efficient showerhead that allows you to take part in less water, saving you both money and water.

3.  Save The Soiled Garments.

Washing your clothes every day consumes a considerable amount of water. One way to save water is that instead of cleaning every day, bundle up your clothes and wash them once a week or twice a week. This way you will save water and energy.

4.  Garden At The Right Time

Water your plants during the early morning or late evening to avoid quick water evaporation. Water so that the liquid can reach the root where it is needed. You can also put out a dish with water in it for birds and other small animals to drink from.

5. Collect Rainwater

Rainwater harvesting can be used for watering your plants. When you water your plants, use the watering can instead of the automatic sprinklers since watering can saves up on a lot of water. If you choose to use the rainwater harvesting system, you can easily save up to 500 L of water every year.

6.  Purchase A Low-Flush Toilet

It is best to opt for a low-flush system since it can save a significant quantity of water. These flush systems use only 4 L or 6 L of water compared to the 13 liters in the single flush model. If affording a new toilet is not an option, you can get the water-saving bag for the old bathroom.

7.  Eat Seasonal Vegetables

Extensive water levels are used when animals are raised in dairy and meat and unsustainable nonseasonal harvesting crops. You can assist in preserving water by opting to eat less dairy and meat and more seasonal vegetables. Unfortunately, this is one way to save water which people do not think about much.

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