How do I get rid of the lines in my lips?

       Feeling insecure or worried about looks seems like a common thing in the modern world. Having a good look means more than just looking great but also makes a person feel confident in themselves. In fact, some careers emphasize looks that many are willing to spend huge resources on improving their looks. Beauty standards do change from time to time and what is beautiful is a subjective matter based on individual preference. In the world of medicine, there are many treatments available to help one achieve a specific look or to improve their looks. In this article, we will be learning about lines in the lips and how to get rid of it.

       Line in the lips is also known as lip wrinkles. It is a line that develops as part of the natural ageing process. Lip lines can extend from the upper lip to the tip of the nose. This wrinkle may typically start with fine subtle lines and as time goes by it develops to deep creases. Lip lines often develop when a person reaches 40 years old. However, this natural ageing process may get faster than it should when a person is engaged with an unhealthy lifestyle. This may make a person have lip wrinkles earlier than they should.

       The lip lines, just as wrinkles on skin, develop due to the ageing process causing a person to naturally lose collagen and elastin proteins. These substances are what makes both skin and lips look hydrated and a smooth texture. Hence, when it is slowly diminished by time, the wrinkles will be obvious as time goes by. Apart from the natural ageing process as the cause of lip lines, lifestyle may actually speed up these processes leading to the lip lines formed earlier. Unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of good quality sleep and repetitive movements such as pursing the lips. Exposure to sun and genetics do play a role in causing lip lines.

       Before knowing how you can get rid of the lines in your lips, you probably wonder why you and many other people have been thinking about this. This helps you understand that you are not alone and the decision to improve on your look is not wrong. The appearance of the lips does have a major effect on the perception of the face. Full and well-defined lips signify a sense of youth, health and attractiveness. Lips, similar to other features of the face, are affected by the ageing process which makes these features become less attractive as the ageing process runs. The lips itself is susceptible to environmental effects and bad lifestyle habits. This is because the lips have poor barrier function and low water-retaining capacity. Damages from the environmental factor and lifestyle cause the lips to become dry, chapped and dull in colour.

       Getting rid of the lip lines is by tackling the issues causing the lip lines. Treatments available are by focusing on slowing down the ageing process or to make up for the substance loss causing the lip wrinkles. Here are the many options available for you to get rid of the lines in your lips:

  • Injectable fillers- Injectable fillers contain hyaluronic acid- based dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid is natural to the body but the production of this substance is significantly low as a person ages. Injected fillers are directly injected into the lips and the surrounding area. The changes to the lip should be subtle but enough to fill the lines. Amount of filler varies and is based on the dermatologist evaluation and your desire on which part of the lip you want to improve.
  • Laser resurfacing- Lasers work by removing the top layers of the skin. In case of the lip lines, laser helps to improve collagen production and makes skin around the lips look younger. This is usually done with other lips plumping procedures.
  • Chemical peel- This procedure removes the top layer of the skin and is most suited for the upper lips. The strength of the chemical used should be discussed with a doctor.
  • Dermabrasion- Similar to chemical peel, it removes the top layers of the skin. Microdermabrasion is more suitable for improving the wrinkles of the upper lip. This involves usage of handheld devices that polish away the top layer of the skin.
  • Microneedling- The principle of this treatment is by triggering the skin to produce collagen by making intentional trauma. Although there are a lot of home microneedling tools, it is best to get a health professional to do it for you as doing it by yourself may risk you with infection and scarring.
  • Botox injection- As mentioned, the lips line can be caused by repetitive movement, specifically the muscles. Botox relaxes the muscle around the lips and reduces the appearance of the lip lines.
  • Platelet-rich plasma- Also known as vampire facial, this procedure of using your own blood component which is platelets to stimulate collagen production. This solution is injected through a microneedling device.
  • Collagen-based serum- You can find this in many pharmacies or beauty shops. Only with regular use do you see the results but it often results in very subtle changes.

       It can be concluded that there are many ways available for you to get rid of the lip lines. You should consult with a dermatologist as they can give you a clear picture on how to get rid of the lip lines fast and promptly. Although these treatments do help to get rid of the lip lines, it can never make it go away forever since it is part of the ageing process. Plus, treatments may only give effects for certain times and you may need to repeat it again. Buy Telfast 180mg Tablet 10s (strip).


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