Here’s the Step-wise Approach to Importing to Canada?

If you are running a business and planning to import to Canada, you will have to thoroughly understand the process. Whether you are a business located in the US that is looking to send goods to Canada or a business located in some other country, this step-wise approach will help you import goods smoothly. 

Can the goods be imported into Canada?

It is not possible to import all the goods into the Canadian market. Before going through the importation process, you should know if they are permissible. Before proceeding with the application, you will have to file an accurate description of the goods, and with it, you should also mention the country of origin and the manufacturer’s details. Do not forget to check the import control list before filing the application. This will ensure that you are eligible for Canadian importation.

Rate of duties and tariff classification

Once you know that you are eligible for the importation, you need to figure out some of the following points:

  • Taxes
  • Values of duty
  • Tariff classification
  • Rates of duty

Every commodity that clears customs has an attached tariff classification. This will be known as the Harmonized System Classification and has codes that will identify the import items. The duty rates will be settled and fixed by CBSA. 

Decide if you need a licensed customs broker

If you associate with the right customs broker, they will ensure that your process is completed seamlessly. They will help you with documentation and work in direct contact with the CBSA. The broker will get the release of your goods and will also pay the duties on your behalf. They will handle and present the data and maintain all the necessary records.

Register for the import and export account

A broker might help you with this step. Registering for the import and export account is the most important step before proceeding with the imports and exports. You will need to register multiple times and fill out numerous license forms. You also need to meet the requirements stated by the provincial and federal governments. After completing these steps, you will be given a business number and a GST/HST account. These are essential to deal with the government in taxes, payrolls, imports, exports, and others.

While these steps might seem intimidating to you, you can join hands with Clearit to easily import to Canada.

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