Have You Heard Of A Sport Called Futsal?

Futsal is an indoor version of the traditional soccer game, which is played on hard grounds. Futsal is derived from the Spanish word “fútbol sala” or “fútbol de salón” and may be translated as “indoor football.” It is governed by the FIFA organization, which has stipulated all the game rules. FIFA holds a Futsal World Cup, an international futsal championship. Futsal was introduced in 1930 at the YMCA. Futsal is not a part of the Olympic Games until now, with the exception of Youth Olympics 2018. Here are the futsal rules (กติกาการเล่นฟุตซอล, which is the term in Thai) as followed by people across the world:

What Equipment Is Required?

Like Football, Futsal is also played with a ball, the dimensions, and weight of which vary with the age of the team players. An ideal Futsal ball weighs somewhere around 400-500 grams. Apart from this, a standard kit is provided to all players consisting of jerseys, shorts, scrotal supports usually made of metal, and shoes with sturdy soles.

How Does The Field Look?

A Futsal field is shaped like a rectangle. Dimensions of a Futsal field are a minimum of 25 m × 16 m (82 ft × 52 ft) and a maximum of 42 m × 25 m (138 ft × 82 ft).

What Are The Rules Of Playing Futsal?

Standard Futsal Rules Are Explained Below:

  • The team consists of five players, one of which is a goalkeeper.
  • The duration of a match is 40 minutes, consisting of two halves. A break of 10 minutes between the halves is allotted. Additionally, a time-out of 1 minute is allowed for both teams.
  • A goal is said to be made when the ball crosses the goal line between the two posts. The team with the maximum number of goals is the winning team. A penalty shootout will determine the winner if there is a tie between the teams.
  • There is no injury time or overtime in Futsal. Injured players have to be substituted.
  • There is no offside as per the rules.

Futsal can be called a version of Football, considering how the governing bodies for both sports are the same. The rules for both the games are also similar in nature. But both games are distinctly recognized, and Futsal rules are easier to understand and remember comparatively.

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