Five ways Realtors can use digital marketing to boost sales.

Digital marketing for real estate is one of the most effective ways to reach the target audience and generate more leads and sales as the online real estate industry becomes more and more competitive. More than 90% of home buyers use social or online media to identify residences that suit their preferences, according to a recent survey by growth marketing agency experts. That number is significantly increasing day by day. Social media usage was one of the first innovations that changed the game for realtors wanting to get recognition online. Real estate professionals were able to build a brand and a successful business using a variety of social media platforms, from buying Facebook Business Ads to uploading photo albums of new listings.

Through targeted efforts and follow-up tactics, solid digital marketing for real estate strategy ensures that realtors can generate leads, build a trustworthy database of clients who know and trust them, and eventually improve sales. The digital platform is a complete bundle for digital marketing for real estate and advertising. With each new step, a real estate firm develops a digital presence and becomes visible to individuals worldwide. Here are some practical tips and tricks real estate agents may use to boost property sales and improve their income this year:

Implementing Location-Specific Digital Marketing:

Targeting specific locations as much as possible is one of the best real estate marketing techniques, as per the growth marketing agency experts. Geo-focused marketing is the most effective strategy for building brand recognition in a local market. When a realtor focuses on their local market, they can create commercials that speak directly to the residents and local culture, showcasing their in-depth understanding of the area. Realtors may decide to present different materials in their advertising based on location to attract those looking for homes in that area. Instead of focusing on larger, more general areas, they can get much better results and increase their revenue by concentrating on specific locations, as per the experts of digital marketing for real estate.

Email Marketing:

Real estate agents who use efficient digital marketing for real estate strategy will receive high-quality leads and have a reliable follow-up system to nurture and convert these prospects quickly. Since email marketing is one of the most excellent ways to do both, realtors favor it over other marketing techniques, as per the growth marketing agency experts. They can build an email list to grow their database and eventually have a bigger, more receptive audience that is easier to convert. In addition, emails give real estate developers complete control over the communication channel, statistics, and audience segmentation options, in contrast to other forms of communication like social media or blogs.

Developing a Responsive Website:

A realtor’s digital marketing success for a real estate campaign depends on having a well-designed, flexible website. Making their website responsive is crucial since it can be displayed correctly on various screen sizes. A real estate company website should be mobile-friendly and load quickly. Show all new listings, provide information that guides visitors through the home-buying process, and have links to other pertinent services like lawyers, movers, and home inspectors. This is because many internet users do searches on mobile devices. The proper digital marketing for a real estate company like Voxturr may be able to handle all of this. Therefore, a realtor must contact one before starting to build their website.

Conducting Virtual Tours:

The use of virtual tours in a real estate company’s digital marketing plan can be highly effective, as per the growth marketing agency experts. Compared to non-video material, revenue from video content increases 49% more quickly. Investing in top-notch video content is the best move if they want to boost sales. They can use actual videos of the property to create compelling virtual tours of properties they wish to sell rather than creating digital visuals.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing:

Realtors looking to generate new leads might use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which charges them each time an ad is clicked. PPC advertising usually targets users who have used Google or another search engine to look for similar terms. PPC is a fantastic digital marketing option for real estate companies seeking clients who are interested in their offering because they only pay when someone clicks on their ad, as per the growth marketing agency experts

How can Voxturr help you?

Sales and other crucial company indicators like MRR, ARR, churn, revenue per subscription, etc., can all be improved with the help of growth plans created by our team of specialists. The experts of Voxturr concentrate on unconventional, creative solutions that are pertinent today, as consumers depend more than ever on internet shopping.


You, as a realtor, could have seen a significant change in the previous ten years. Customers are starting to purchase and sell homes in new ways, frequently starting with online market research and a distinct idea of what they want from their future homes. Digital marketing for real estate has taken center stage for best-in-class realtors’ marketing initiatives. The real estate sector now depends on digital marketing, from generating new leads to closing profitable sales!

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