Do Not Make These Mistakes When Buying Tiles

Picking tiles is a process you must not take lightly since the final results depend on it. Remember that tiles are not only for decoration purposes but should also match the room’s operational characteristics. The wrong kind of tiles will ruin the expected appearance and functionality of a room. The following are mistakes you must not make when buying tiles for any room:

Getting Tiles Not Recommended for Your Intended Use

When you pick tiles, you should understand first whether you want to install them on the floor or wall. Depending on your project, you may have to pick between porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles from Ceramique au Sommet Laval. While porcelain can be installed on both walls and floors, ceramic tiles are ideally installed only on walls due to their fragility. But these days, you can find ceramic tiles made for flooring installations. These are tiles with a Porcelain Enamel Institute or PEI rating which indicates their hardness and durability. Although floor tiles can also be used for walls, wall tiles are only designed for walls.

Failing to Consider the Room’s Operational Features

The type of tiles to purchase depends on the kind of room they will be installed. This means you need to pick tiles that have specific characteristics. By considering the technical characteristics of tiles, the durability, strength, and safety of the operation are ensured. 

You should particularly pay attention to the anti-skid rating, temperature extremes, resistance to chemicals, and resistance to deep abrasion. You can get more details on these from the showroom or store manager. So, ensure you choose tiles that fit a certain room’s finishing.

Not Taking into Account the Tile’s Actual Size

Did you know that tiles have an actual and nominal size? The nominal size of a tile is the one it is indicated by such as 60×60 cm. However, its actual size refers to the accurate measurement of the tile you will get. You will need to consider the actual size when you calculate the tile to grout joints ratio. 

Choosing the Wrong Kind of Finish

There are a lot of tile finishes you can pick from including matt, lux, honed, grip, polished, structured, and honed satin. Your choice will give your desired result and offer a room the desired level of safety.

Ensure you pick a suitable tile finishing based o the operating conditions. For instance, you should opt for tiles with a high anti-skin rating for bathroom floors and entrances.

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