Child Protective Services & Addiction – How To Get The Custody Of Your Child

Substance abuse will have a devastating effect on families, particularly on children. Parents, who are addicted to drugs or substances, lose the custody of their children to CPS (Children Protective Services) or others based on the rules of their state. After recovery, those parents want to get their children back.

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Studies on children and substance abuse

Substance abuse is a psychological and physical disorder. Sadly, children of substance abuse parents are at risk of abuse, trauma, and neglect. Addicted parents struggle with financial issues, which make it difficult to take care of their children. These children can’t get proper clothes, sufficient food, and other necessities.

According to a study, kids whose guardians struggle with substance addiction are 4X more likely to be neglected and 3X likely to be abused. Also, research showed that these children struggle with problems like stress, maltreatment, physical and psychological problems, and differences in the development of the brain. Plus, there are more chances to develop future substance abuse and unhealthy mechanisms in these children. Due to these reasons, departments including CPS take custody of children.

How to get back custody after recovery?

The aim is to recover from substance abuse and make a stable, healthy, and safe environment for the children. So, it is possible to get back the custody of your child. The following a few ways, such as:

  • Join a drug rehab and get a program completion certificate
  • Meet the ALL drug testing terms
  • Make sure that the environment is safe for your child
  • Maintain employment to ensure that you can support your child and yourself

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