Can Botox Injections Reduce The Jawline

Botox injections have a lot of cosmetic benefits, such as it reduces wrinkles and improving fine lines. But with the advent of technology, v-shape botox ( การ ฉีด โบ ท็ อก หน้า เรียว, which is the term in Thai) can also make your face look slimmer without any gym action makeup application. Go through the article and know if the botox injection can reduce your jawline and make you look younger. 

What Does Botox Injection Do For The Jawline

The botox injection of botulinum toxin works with the facial muscles. For the jawline, the surgeons generally use neurotoxins in the masseter muscle. This muscle is responsible for chewing food and clenching the teeth. This jaw muscle is sometimes very tight, which causes the patient to face troubles.

In that case, the botulinum injection acts to weaken the masseter muscle. It helps to get rid of the pain in their jaw and get relief from the night grinding. Apart from that, v-shape botox can also help narrow down the lower face by slimming down the jawline muscles. If you want a rectangular type of face shape, or heart shape and inverted triangle shape, then you go for adhesive treatment. 

Procedure Of Botox Injection 

One of the experienced surgeons performs this treatment using a botox injection. Reducing jawline with botox injection is gradual; you can see the result after eight weeks. To maintain the slimness in the jawline, you should have the treatment every 3-6 months. However, two weeks after the surgery, the patient can feel reduced pain in the jawline. 

How Botox Work In Jaw Reduction

This non-invasive process performs the reduction in an anole way. First, the surgeon pushes a painless botox injection into the masseter muscle. Gradually, it reduces the size of the masseter muscle and provides a slimmer look for the jawline. You can see the result from 4-8 weeks, and the effect stays for more than one year. The patients generally go for 2-3 more treatments to maintain the result of jawline reduction. 

Is Botox Injection Truly Work

The botox injection is combined with a non-invasive procedure. The traditional processes required surgery to remove the bones, which can also be associated with some complications. On the other hand, this injection is quick and painless and can be done within any short hours. 

The patient can also eat right after the treatment. The need for maintenance of botox injection depends on the individual case. 


The v-shape botox can make you look slimmer by reducing the jawline. You can contact the best cosmetic surgeon around you and go for the botox treatment to get a younger look forever. 

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