Surprising your kid on their birthday every year with new fun ideas is a little bit hard. But seeing your child’s happiness at that party gives you a heavenly feel. As the year roll over your kid’s age is also growing, according to that their desires were also changing. Always it will be a headache while planning for a birthday party because you might have not got any idea to celebrate the birthday. Feel relaxed, here are a few of the best and most fun birthday party celebration ideas for 9-year-old kids. Also check: geburtstag junge 9 jahre

  • Princess theme party
  • Avenger theme party
  • Football party
  • Tour party
  • Campfire party
  • Paintball splashing


  • When your kid is a girl, try this princess party. As every daughter is a princess to her parents make she dressed up as a Disney princess for her birthday.
  • Make the theme decoration with your daughter’s favorite Disney princess.
  •  Invite her friends and family with a Disney princess-themed invitation.
  • Ask your guests to dress up as Disney characters. To make the party more fun-filled.
  • Get a princess-themed cake and cookies for the celebration. Plan some fun games.


  • If your kid is a boy, plan his birthday with his favorite avenger themed party.
  • Makeover him with the avenger’s costume for the party.
  • Decorate the party hall with avenger-themed stickers. Plan for a customized cake for the party.
  • Request your kid’s friends and family with the same themed dress to create a wonderful memory for your kid.
  • Plan everything in the same theme, like decoration, cake, food, drinks, dressing, and fun games.


  • As your kid grows up to 9-years-old their interest will also change accordingly. At this age, they love to play outdoor games like football.
  • Make them happier on their birthday by conducting a football match with his friends.
  • Invite their friends to the game. Divide them into two teams, and start a football sport.
  • Encourage them by presenting a gift to the winning team.


  • Plan a trip to a place where your kid desired. Create more memories on your kid’s birthday by celebrating it in their desired spot with their friends.
  • Draft a plan for a whole day. Play some fun games like hiding and seek, tennis, running races, etc.
  • Make arrangements for the whole day’s food.


  • Gather your kid’s friends in your garden and make settings for a campfire.
  • Make them enjoy the campfire by playing games, singing, dancing, playing music, etc.
  • It will be a good idea for you to know your kid’s talent.
  • Complete the campfire with a delicious dinner.


  • Find a spacious area for this party. Gather all your kid’s friends there.
  • Divide them into teams. Start the game with all the safety attires with the kids.
  • It will not hurt your kid. So don’t need to worry. But be around them for safety if needed.

To celebrate your 9-year-old kid’s birthday with the best and most fun idea, plan for some outdoor games as they are growing. Make plans based on your kid’s interests.

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