Benefits of Using a Baby Play Mat

New parents are often skeptical when it comes to buying various baby products. They want the best products that are not only eco-friendly and attractive but safe and help promote their baby’s development as well. Play mats by reputable brands like Grace & Maggie are one of the perfect baby toys as they offer clean and safe surface for a baby at home, or even on the go. It even helps in promoting development and they can do all kinds of entertainment activities as well. 

When you look for reversible car play mat for your little one, there are many other aspects to consider like material, safety issues and usability.

Here are some top benefits of using a play mat for your baby:

  • Tummy time

Mostly, the baby activity mat age is around 3 months. This is the time your baby starts to develop stronger neck muscles to support their head and the chest when they lie on their stomach. Play mats help in aiding as well as improving the baby’s vision as they look for sharper colors. They provide cushioned surface when they develop trunk stability and good control in their legs and back and rolling over is not that far away.

Generally, babies start crawling around 6-10 months, and then they want to run around. Play mats can be used in the crawling phase as well and beyond since they provide a cushioned, clean surface for new roamers, crawlers and walkers.

  • Development benefits
  • Cognitive skills

The baby play mats will allow your baby to understand the basics of cause & effect. If your child is between 6 weeks to 4 months old, they often engage in primary circular reactions. This would mean that they learn repeating actions which they did accidently, like kicking a toy etc.  This is their first step towards logic. 

  • Helps to develop reaching & grasping skills

When a baby is born, their skills to reach and grasp are often dominated by reflexes. This means their reaction is automatic, and they do not have much control over the action. For instance, you might notice that a child tries to grasp anything that is placed in their palms. Having play mats will help your toddler to grasp rattles and rings hanging since they learn how to hold various objects.

  • Crawling time

Testing and also improving depth perception as they often crawl towards letters or animals on the mat. Play mats also protect babies from unsafe materials or substances on the outdoor or indoor surfaces. Extra-large padded play mats by Grace & Maggie give new crawlers ample of room to roam around.

Explore the beautiful collection of baby play mats online by Grace & Maggie when you look for the reversible car play mat and find the best option for your loved one. Their padded play mats are specially designed to provide comfort, style and unbeatable protection. Whether your baby is doing tummy time or walks a little, these super-soft play mats are the perfectly suited for all types of homes.

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