5 Vital Benefits of Industrial Mixer For Nutraceuticals

After the Covid 19 pandemic, people focus more on health and wellness. This shift has driven massive growth in the dietary supplement industry.

It would be best to have a suitable industrial mixer to produce supplements, vitamins, or other nutraceutical products.

Reduced Labor Costs

An essential step in a nutraceutical’s manufacturing process is the preparation of value-add ingredients into premixes for product blending. This requires accurately measuring several raw materials that vary in density and size.

This can be difficult, labor-intensive, and inaccurate without the right equipment.

Often, ingredients are loaded into large mixers in batches and then stored in bulk storage silos until they are needed for mixing. This involves several labor-intensive and costly steps, including unloading, cleaning, and re-loading. A rotary batch mixer can streamline these processes by performing all necessary operations simultaneously.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

In the liquid manufacturing industry, industrial efficiency translates to maximized output per unit of labor and energy. An efficient and correctly sized mixing system will reduce waste in the form of material, direct labor, batch cycle time, electricity costs, monitoring effort, and more.

When selecting a new mixer, consider purchasing a refurbished model. Refurbished equipment offers a more cost-effective solution without compromising quality. This is because refurbished equipment goes through a full inspection and cleaning process before being sold to the customer. In addition, refurbished mixers typically have less wear and tear than new ones. Therefore, their performance should remain optimal over a more extended period. This will help to reduce maintenance costs. Moreover, it will ensure that the product is being mixed as specified.

Increased Productivity

Manufacturers of nutraceutical products often have to mix several different ingredients to add value to their final product. The best way to achieve this is by using an industrial mixer for nutraceuticals that can blend multiple ingredients with high precision.

The suitable mixer can also increase productivity by decreasing batch times. This is important because it reduces waste and allows for higher production rates.

Monitoring your mixer’s performance and identifying any issues that may impact its operation is essential. For example, excessive noise can indicate that your equipment is worn down or beyond its serviceable life. Then, you can replace your old mixer with a new one that meets your production needs. This can help you save money on repairs and maintenance costs.

Increased Product Quality

Whether your production is for nutritional supplements or food processing, consistent results are vital to quality. Train your team to operate machinery correctly and set up procedures, checklists, or standard operating procedures for a smooth workflow. This reduces the amount of operator travel and monitoring time, which cuts into productivity.

Consider a rotary batch mixer with an inline powder disperser option. This frees up space on your floor and eliminates the need for operators to climb ladders to dump ingredients into a standard mixer.

This advanced mixing equipment allows you to create precise powder recipe mixes to meet your nutritional goals, including specific RDA or FDA allowances for certain vitamins. You can also use near-infrared spectroscopy to quickly and accurately verify a blend without invasive sampling.

Reduced Waste

An efficient process reduces waste in all forms: material, direct labor, cycle time, and energy. On the other hand, an inefficient process can reduce your yield and profit.

For example, using an IBC system to formulate and blend allows more products to be generated in a day versus the typical 8 hours to fill and clean a large fixed mixer that holds 6000L. This is because the product does not come into contact with the blender, eliminating cross-contamination and reprocessing.

In addition, a bag dump station eliminates the manual labor involved with manually dumping materials into the mixer from 50lb bags or drums. This helps increase production efficiency and productivity. The product is pneumatically conveyed from the bag to the mixer through a sanitary dumped hopper.

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