What Does a Sunflower Symbolize? Unveil the Fact Here!

Who is waiting for summer? This season marks the best time to sunbathe and enjoy the heat. Talking about summer, it’s nearly impossible to escape sunflowers. Everyone loves the beauty of this summer icon! Bright and vibrant, it’s perfect for the summer. It can easily brighten up the ambiance, either indoor or outdoor. Not only beautiful, same like other species, a sunflower contains specific meaning and symbol. What does a sunflower symbolize? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this popular summer plant.

Sunflowers origin story

Every flower has its own story, sunflowers are not the exception. This flowering plant first originated around 1000 BC, mostly in America. Today, we know that region of Arizona and Mexico. Firstly, they were being classified as food sources. Their seeds were beneficial to be produced into flour for bread. You can also consume the seeds by combining them with other oats at the moment.

However, as time goes by, the use has changed. Not merely as a food source, this species later started to be produced in skincare products. The plant has been great for skin and hair treatments. In conclusion, sunflowers contain a lot of benefits for our life. Isn’t it interesting?

They grew pretty popular not only in America, but in Europe, Russia, and Ukraine as well. It was in the 1700s. Russian Church banned almost all food sources at the moment, except sunflowers. In the early 19th century, many people were obsessed with their beauty. The quantity became massive later on.

Sunflower meanings

Cool for the summer, the number of people who love this species is quite large. As same as other types, sunflowers also represent meanings that may make you fall in love with them harder. If you’re asking “what does a sunflower symbolize?” The answer would be loyalty.

Yup, according to the myth of Romanians, this plant symbolizes loyalty. Furthermore, they are always associated with the sun. Because of that fact, they are well-known for being bright flowers that perfectly bloom during the summer season. If you want to brighten someone mood, a sunflower bouquet is the one you can consider giving. Are you dare to try?

Apart from that, they stand for different meanings, depending on the region where they grow. For example, In China, this beautiful plant symbolizes long life, good luck, and vitality. Meanwhile, in Native America, they are considered a species that represent harvest and provision. However, no matter the meanings, they are a flower that can bring positivity and joy to human life.

What sunflowers symbolize based on the colors

This species is described as big and contains distinct yellow petals with a brown center on it. You may be surprised by knowing that, in fact, it also has other colors! Even though some colors are rare to find, each color has its symbol.

  1. Yellow

This type is what you usually see in daily life. Being classified as the classic type, it’s difficult not to fall in love with the bright yellow color petals it sparks. The symbolism is as bright as the appearance. The yellow one stands for goodness, truth, and immortality.

  1. Red

It’s pretty unusual to see the iconic summer flower in red. Sometimes they look strange if you have never seen them before. Regardless, the symbolism of the red one is also beautiful. It represents strength and positivity. It’s such a great get well soon Singapore gift idea if you want to strengthen someone who survives illness or experiencing something unlucky in their life.

  1. Orange

Orange is the summer representation! The orange on sunflowers is pretty attractive. With the happiness and the fortune symbolism it has, the petals that appear in orange color are perfect for adding color to your garden. Fulfill the positivity by using it!

  1. White

Among the other colors, white sunflower is probably the rarest to find. Even though considered white, the actual color in real life is not 100% white. It looks pale with a bit yellowish. If you want to cheer on someone who’s starting a new chapter of life, this color is perfect because of its purity, peace, and re-birth representation.

  1. Pink

Pink is women’s favorite color. Even though the appearance is a bit unusual, pink is still named the prettiest sunflower color, especially for women. With a combination of dark pink and lighter pink on its petals and stems, this color stands for innocence and good health.

  1. Purple

If you want to level up the ambiance of your tiny garden, try using sunflowers that appear in purple. What does a sunflower symbolize in this color? It’s all about luck in life. Purple in this species symbolizes wealth, glory, and royalty. That makes many people anticipate its bloom. So, whenever you want to get prosperity in life, there’s always this color to be chosen.