Reasons to learn diamond painting

An elegant mixture between beading and painting. Which gives an eye-catching, mosaic painting which glows and shines! Check out: Diamond Painting

Browsing for something to Make it your entertainment. Endeavor diamond painting. Emerged a decade ago in Continent Asia, it’s an Art form that fumed among the crafters who were searching for an imaginative outlet, that too during the pandemic. It’s a stress-less act that can help people be at ease. Jennifer Chu who is the director of sales and e-commerce for the diamond art club states that this activity requires very less effort and can be addictive as this will help the person to be more relaxed and stress relieved. Despite the diamond painting’s name, it doesn’t have anything to do with the ordinary brush stroke.

What exactly is diamond painting?

According to director Jennifer Chu, This activity consists of a mixture of cross stitch and paint-by-numbers. The person will use an applicator to apply hundreds of rhinestones. One by one, on adhesive color codes canvas. The result is striking art. Every piece can be framed and gifted to the people they like or hung up in the housework space or your office.

Tools and materials:

Different companies provide kits that have everything to start this activity. Inside those kits, we can find canvas, adhesive, a colorful resin drill, a tray, paddy wax, applicator pen. Debbie Mergy, who sells diamond paintings in the Etsy shop, States that this is the same as working with beads, instead, you will work with drills. Rhinestone diamonds are also known as drills. flat on one side and rounded on the other.

Extra appliances for the activity contain a light pad that helps ease eye strains, tape to avoid any dust getting on the adhesive while working on it, States Chu. Crafters sometimes prefer modern multi-applicator pens that are made for crafting.

Selecting the correct kit:

Diamond art club provides round diamond kits that can be useful for beginners. Advanced crafters entertain with big square diamonds. Chu stated that Round diamonds are easy and faster while squares can take time.

Can Select a kit with a theme that connects with you. Chu stated that their club has many themes for everyone, varying from classic landscapes to quotes, many categories. Mergy says that personalized accessories, night lights, bracelets, etc.

How to diamond paint?

First, straighten the canvas by laying it under stacks for a night, says mercy. Once it’s done, start to work on by just peeling a small part to prevent the sticky canvas. Then you will work on drills. Chu said that using coded charts on canvas to match symbols with diamond color code, find a diamond bag. it will be easier to use an applicator to hold diamonds.

Dip the pen in wax until the tip has wax that can hold the drill for some time. Mercy states that using a pen to keep adding color to appropriate symbols. Once finished, Peel another section and work on it until you finish.

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