Importance of a Glock Trigger Kit

Consider replacing your factory trigger if you want to improve the performance and feel of your Glock pistol. You can find kits that return a single part or replace the trigger mechanism completely.

Before choosing a trigger, think about what you want it to do. For example, are you looking for lighter pull weight, smoother resets, or less creep?

The stock trigger on most Glocks is relatively decent and straightforward, but a little performance can make a difference. Several Glock trigger kits are available that can improve your trigger’s overall performance and feel.

These kits often come with a trigger bar and housing that you can install yourself or have a gunsmith do for you. They will give you a much lighter pull, reduce pre-travel and over-travel, and reset distance.

Reduced Slop

The stock Glock trigger system has a smooth and positive feel that shooters find conducive to accurate shooting. However, many shooters need help adapting and tweaking the system to achieve a more comfortable trigger pull.

Glock trigger kit can significantly alter the feel of the stock trigger without sacrificing safety or reliability properties. The essential parts of a Glock trigger kit include the striker spring, trigger bar, and connector.

A striker spring changes the pressure that cocks and releases the striker, lightning take-up, and trigger break force by approximately one pound. However, this change comes with a cost.

Improved Accuracy

The stock Glock trigger could be better out there. It is spongy and needs a more noticeable wall to help you achieve a crisp break, which can make your shots less accurate and cause more problems with your target.

Fortunately, there are some very good aftermarket Glock triggers out there that can significantly improve the accuracy of your pistol. These Glock trigger kits can provide a smoother trigger pull, reduce slack and pre-travel time, and increase reset speed.

One of the best Glock 43 trigger kits is the Apex Tactical Trigger. This upgrade kit is very popular among Glock owners because it can reduce the overall weight of your trigger, which can make a significant difference to the accuracy of your weapon.

Better Ergonomics

The Glock trigger has been around for quite some time now, and though it is not the most comfortable to hold, a few aftermarket modifications improve its feel in some cases. A good Glock trigger kit will increase the sensitivity of your gun while reducing the grip angle and slop.

For instance, one of the trigger kits offered on the market uses 6061 aluminum to provide increased durability, a more excellent trigger feel, and smoother action. It has also taken the opportunity to reduce friction and lighten your trigger pull while offering an impressive and clean let-off and trigger reset.

Choosing the best Glock trigger for you can be challenging, so try a few different models and styles before making your final decision. The most important thing is to pick a kit appropriate for your rifle and tastes. You might be surprised by the difference it can make.


Many gun enthusiasts like to change the trigger of their handguns to add a unique flair. These triggers can be designed with different colors and finishes.

A good Glock trigger kit is an excellent addition to any gun. It can improve your shooting experience without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty or compromising safety and reliability.

Some gun owners modify their factory triggers by swapping out the striker and springs. It may result in a lighter pull and less creeping.

Another option is to replace the entire trigger mechanism. It can be a significant upgrade and also helps differentiate your gun from competitors.

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