How Often Do You Need To Service Your Rolex Watch?

You need to keep reading if you are unsure how often your watch needs service. You can visit the Rolex service center (ศูนย์ ซ่อม Rolex, which is the term in Thai) and learn more about services. If people are not familiar with the watches, they think that shaking the wrist will make everything perfect, but that’s not the case as watches need maintenance once in a while. It would be best to learn about the signs that say that the watch needs a service phone.

When it comes to mechanical watches, Rolex is known for its long history and all the sports models produced by the brand use automatic mechanical movements that, means the movements are wound up automatically and charge through some power reserve of the particular watch so whenever you start moving the watch starts moving but the mechanical movement needs service after every few months no matter which brand you choose. As per experts at the Rolex service center, Rolex movement watches need services once every ten years. Earlier it must be serviced every five years, but that’s not the case now.

How Can You Say If The Watch Needs Service Or Not?

The only thing that determines if a watch needs a service depends on various factors you need to consider while buying a Rolex watch. First, you need to know that everybody wearing a Rolex watch is using a different model as some watches need service once in 3 years while some nature service once in 10 years. Above all, it all depends on how you use the product.

It means that the more you use a watch, the sooner it needs a service. It is the same for all mechanical pieces. For example, some people have a habit of rotating the watches, which means they don’t end up wearing the watch every day, so there is not much damage compared to the watch worn every day. However, it shouldn’t hurt to service the watch more frequently. If you want to take care of the watch ideally, you need to know that it isn’t free to service the Rolex watch because of the complexity in the movement, so you need to consider if you wish to give the watch a first-class treatment by servicing it once in a while or just let it be.

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