Different types of Rummy games to play

On AIO Games, you can find a variety of card games to enjoy. Rummy have been popular since their inception in the 1800s and is still played today.Whether it is online or on a local casino floor, Rummy card game remains popular amongst many card lovers. With Rummy card games going online, card lovers have found a new way to enjoy this card game as well as win huge cash rewards.

With many players entering the market for Rummy card games, it makes a difficult choice to pick your ideal platform to play. With AIO Games, you can play Rummy starting with Rs. 1 & earn Lakhs on the go!

Below article explains the very importance of Rummy as well as its variants and a detailed look about it’s gameplay, and origin.

Gin Rummy

Among its many variants, Gin Rummy is different in that it has players given 10 cards to build sets and sequences. With the 2-4 player game, with such small hands of cards, there are a lot of interesting plays that can be made. Gin Rummy is often fun, but it’s not nearly as competitive as some other card games like 2 & 3 Card and 13 Card. These two other formats are a favourite for most players who play Gin Rummy.

Contract Rummy

Contract Rummy is a new game of Rummy that is created out of Gin Rummy. It differs from the original by containing seven rounds in total; each round has a player earning a result when they complete that round’s particular sequences.

As one progresses in this game, it gets harder and harder to win. The first four rounds contain ten cards and twelve cards per round in the final three.

Canasta Rummy

There is a surprisingly simple variation of Rummy that came from a Spanish game called Canasta, with two wild cards in place of the Joker.


Rummikub is often considered an “ethnic” game found in Asia and Europe, with a blend of Rummy and Mahjong. In this game there are 104 tiles, with numbers marked between 1-13. A player is always required to flip the tiles into a deck of 14 with all the other players before then throwing them down on the table and creating sets.

Oklahoma Rummy

In this version of rummy, the players have to use seven cards rather than ten. Using jokers allows impure sets and sequences in this variant.

Kalooki Rummy

Kalooki Rummy is a traditional form of Rummy in Jamaica playing with 9 cards and the one that has the lowest score wins. Unlike rummy, the card game Kalooki is a version of Contract Rummy. Popular in Jamaica and Jamaicans have come up with more specialised versions called Super Kalooki and Baby Kalooki. These variations are nothing but some home-made changes to the original game.

500 Rummy

One of the most commonly played Rummy games internationally, 500 Rummy is best enjoyed with 2-8 players. Pinochle, a close variation of 500 Rummy, shares many similar rules to the old-school version of Rummy. In this game, players are rewarded points by a victory and the one to reach 500 wins the game.

Shanghai Rummy

In this type of Rummy, 11 cards are dealt to each player. This is best enjoyed with three or five players.

Dummy Rummy

In the Dummy Rummy card game, players have to use their cards strategically in order to try and discard as many as they can while also creating sequences. The person with no cards left will get a score of zero and the player who wins points from other players’ hands will get a bonus. The objective is similar to Contract Rummy but has simpler card combinations with 2 or 4 players.

Rummy card game is a strategic card game that involves strategic and highly skilled tactics on the table. With Rummy, you need to be very smart and must be willing to outwit your opponent with ease.

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