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For nearly two decades, BBQs2U has been serving the local BBQ community. They tested ineffective BBQs in order to assist smokers and grillers in purchasing quality grills. This tiny family shop stocks the greatest barbecue brands from the UK and the US, including Masterbuilt, Napoleon, Ooni, and also the Kamado Joe range.

Grilling and barbequing advice, suggestions, and recipes are always welcome from the BBQs 2u family. Many customers don’t know the difference between grilling and BBQing.

Nonetheless, the BBQs 2u family ensures that they invest in a product that allows them to not only host amazing BBQ parties, but also enjoy the cooking process personally.

Top barbecue companies such as Napoleon, Kamado Joe, Ooni, and MasterBuilt have teamed with BBQs2U. The collection may be viewed on their official website. They are now having a deal on all of their barbeques in order to bring the excellent taste of grilled dishes into every home.

The Kamado Joe – Classic I comes with a Kettle Joe cover, 9 kg of charcoal, and a fire-lighter as part of the package. A 15% discount is also available, allowing buyers to save money.

Order immediately since the gifts are only available while supplies remain and may be substituted if they run out.

Kamado Joe family includes Classic I, II and III, Big Joe II & III, Big Joe Jnr, and Kettle Joe. To keep the heat in, the Kamado is constructed with a sturdy insulated ceramic casing. Some other essential features and accessories make grilling a dream even for beginners.

The Kamado Joe Kettle Joe is a 22-inch kettle grill with significant cooking qualities such as improved heat retention, smoking capability, and fuel efficiency.

The Divide & Conquer grilling system from Kettle Joe is a two-tiered system that allows users to cook at different temperatures.

It has a SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert, which uses cyclonic circulation to regulate smoke and heat at high temperatures. Kettle Joe has a lot of great features that a buyer can get for 15% less.

  • Total 363 sq. inch of the surface with 22” of grilling surface.
  • A ceramic firebox will allow cooking for a much longer duration with less consumption of charcoal.
  • The lid may be kept attached with an adjustable hinge without fear of it crashing down. Even novices can learn how to control the fire heat, which ranges from low smoke to high smoke.
  • Smoking at 500°F is possible with the SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber to insert. Remove the insert and cook at 700°C for 15 minutes.

The most vital thing is to discover a grill that is ideal for the users and the family all they have to do is figure out what they require. Perhaps this is the first BBQ and where people want something that will teach them the essentials, or perhaps they just barbecue a couple of times in a year, but would prefer to do it often without wasting their time.

BBQs 2u’s goal is to deliver high-quality Kamado Joe Grills and Napoleon Barbecues as well as their Accessories at the best possible cost while also providing the outstanding customer service that a userdeserves.

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