7 Celebrities Who Have Worn The Exquisite Collection Of MK Watches


Watches are fairly small accessories that are a must for many people. On the other hand, though many people will not feel the necessity of it, it still holds a place in their cupboard, a small collection maybe! Besides, they make great gifts too.

Michael Kors’s watches are effectively jewelry, great and heavy without being diverting, noted by gentle knitted parties. Young stars can presently be noticed across the nation wearing Michael Kors styles. This list of seven celebs who were spotted wearing Mk watches.


Watches are the only jewelry that will never go out of style.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning has been noticed in many areas near the Big Apple flaunting the watch of designer Mk watches. Being an idol from a minor age, Dakota Fanning’s knowledge of fashion is carried into articles by her several supporters, constantly on the lookout for a fresh fashion. The youthful star, popular for her breakthrough part in the film I Am Sam,  and many more will come so you will possibly be watching a lot more of her films soon.

Hayden Panettiere

Recent Golden Globe candidate Hayden Panettiere has been noticed wearing MK watches in the Mid Size Runway variant, with stainless steel, an intense brown look, and a bright mother of gem dialer. Panettiere, who is popularly recognized for TV series like “Nashville” has attained political attention for standing vastly competitive in the political crusade against illicit whaling and dolphin poaching in East Asian seas. Click here to shop for your dream watch.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, an Indian actress wore a colorful white tee with an understated coat and shorts and her Michael Kors watch at a film fare award show. She was also spotted wearing a white shirt and white pants and finished the look with a golden Mk watch and a colored blazer. 

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough is a great celebrity who was spotted wearing Mk watches, which indicates how much she cherishes this brand. Michael Kors is one of the great outstanding watches stars put on their wrist. She has been noticed wearing her Michael Kors both to work out and for an evening party in the city. To build a more elegant night appearance, she utilizes attachments to add some glow and sparkle to her wristwatch.


Zendaya uses the Mk watches in the smartwatch variant. The versatile dancer and actress are constantly on the whirl. So, generally, Kors expected her to be at the top of his current merchandise. Smartwatches and stars are frequently sent jointly through publicity of this aspect. If you haven’t used the recent Michael Kors smartwatch for yourself or your loved ones, it is just wonderful. They interpret it as a storied technique, presently with Google Fitness, heart rate tracking, mobile transaction, and waterproof powers. Customize the watch look or change out the belt to make it your preferred smartwatch in your way.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is just one of those idols to be noticed wearing the Mk watches several times. When Michael Kors debuted its merchandise they wisely delivered many A-listers so they could be the main ones to acquire this extremely desirable commodity. Drake, Kanye, and even box idols such as Steven Colbert have been captured with this relatively popular smartwatch from Michael Kors. Surely the chart of stars with the Michael Kors Watch will evolve over the future years as well.


MK watches feature astonishing designs. Also, the brand is given a great deal of hype since it is on the favorite list of many celebrities, bith in India and overseas.

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