Wordaze Distributed Warehouses a win 

Leveraging distributed warehouse services to help get products to doorsteps is a savvy move for any business operation. For business owners who can’t afford to set up warehouses nationwide, choosing to rely on order fulfillment or third-party shipping companies, saves money and leads to increased revenues.

Wordaze, an order fulfillment giant, opens the door for entrepreneurs conducting business online. We open the “door of possibilities,” the company says on its website at Wordaze.com.

Distributed warehouses, a major advancement in the supply-chain operation, has rearranged the order fulfillment landscape. Consumers can now enjoy their online purchases the same day they place their orders. And this service is less costly for both the customer and the product seller.

You get to deliver better customer experience and save money in the process,” according to the company. “E-commerce is becoming a fiercely fought hunting ground for businesses. Customers are demanding more and more, and they are giving their business to whoever offers it all for less.”

Level of warehouse services 

While distributed warehouses are becoming commonplace in the industry, not all operations offer the same levels of service. At its warehouses, ShipMonk, a 3PL Fulfillment Service company, offers picking, packing, and shipping of products to customers.

On the other hand, Red Stag Fulfillment warehouse services include logistics, kitting, and inventory management, in addition to picking, packing, shipping, and storage. The third-party fulfillment company also offers clients more shelf space throughout its warehouses to store enough inventory to meet customer demands.

Easyship gives business clients access to a network of global warehouses. The third-party fulfillment provider automates its warehousing operations and works with multiple warehouses worldwide so clients can fulfill and ship orders anywhere to cut down on costs. 

In comparison, Wordaze offers business clients comprehensive warehousing services, including automation. Its warehouses are organized, have the latest technology in place, and a trained staff that can handle specific issues and challenges business clients might face.

How Distributed Warehousing works

Warehouses are located in key areas nationwide, domestically and internationally, making it more cost effective and quicker for ordered products to get to customers.

The process, which is automated, is simple. Once a customer orders a product, Wordaze’s AI platform informs the warehouse closest to the address of the customer. Staff at the warehouse then immediately process the order and prepare it for shipment. The next step in the order fulfillment process is picking the most cost-effective and quickest shipping option available.

Benefits of warehousing

A major benefit of using distributed warehouses is the savings. Business clients, especially cash-strapped startups, can eliminate some significant expenses. They won’t have to come up with the funds to lease additional space for storage, buy equipment, insurance or pay for security and maintenance of the warehouse. And they won’t have to incur any debt to buy a warehouse or hire additional staffing their own warehouses.

At Wordaze, business clients not only get all the standard distributed warehouse services, but can leverage the company’s inventory management. The company provides automated inventory management in concert with physical checks on inventory in our care.

And any savings they make, business owners can use it to help scale their business operations and branch out to new markets. 


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