When is a Strip Club NOT a Gentlemens club – What sets them apart

Whether you call them strippers or exotic dancers the hot girls working the pole at that swanky new place that is sometimes advertised as a Gentleman’s club do the same thing for pretty much the same reasons. However, most of the time these terms are used interchangeably as if they are supposed to mean the same thing. Are they different?

Strip clubs conjure the image of small, dark, dank and smoke-filled caverns with loud music and hot women dancing and gyrating against a pole. With strip clubs you get this visceral mental picture of men visibly lusting after beautiful, sexy women they can never have. The words “strip club” almost elicit a physiological response.  On the other hand, the term gentleman’s club conjures pictures of opulent chairs, expensive Scotch and Champagne and beautiful women seductively moving their bodies or draping it on the tables and around a fireman’s pole while men sit with cigar on one hand, a drink in another.  Men can sit back and watch bucks party strippers Melbourne, watch and be amusement,  but try to be gentlemanly enough not to try and reach out and touch any of the ladies.  It is not polite to do so, It looks and mostly feels like a safe environment.

Strip clubs may be chaotic, but gentlemen’s clubs are regimented and the rules are important not only to the proprietor and the performers but the clientele too. The sleazy elements you would expect from any strip club ou probably won’t find at a gentlemens’. There might be a bouncer at the door, but he may probably look like something from a spy movie. Decked in a suit, standing by without the a baseball bat as a deterrent, but with a confidence that if things do get out of hand, you should expect a quick decisive response.

It’s important to know that a reputable establishment that recruit strippers for bucks party strippers Melbourne will tend to recruit professionals. These aren’t just girls who can take off their clothes to the beat of some music, but they may also be girls who are actual trained dancers. A lot of ballerinas have found their next calling in strip clubs.

Gentlemens clubs are also cleaner, modern and stylishly decorated with excellent lighting. You can think of strippers in a strip club like a rock band that feeds off the enthusiasm and the raucous energy of the customers. Gentlemens club Melbourne will be more relaxed. They are less likely to be filled with drunken men hooting and hollering for a stripper to bear all whilst they rain down $1 onto the stage. Gentlemen’s clubs are all about the quality of the experience. Here punters shower dancers with sizeable bills.

The drinks are good but expensive, the food more than just vending machine fare and day old buffet style meals. Lap dances cost more in a gentleman’s club than it does at a strip club because after all, these are social clubs that happen to have naked dancing ladies as entertainment. In some cases, they even keep their dancers on a payroll so you don’t have desperate women doing all they can to seduce you out of your cash. If you have never been to either kind of adult entertainment venue, then it pays to try both before you settle for one over the other.

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