Triathlon Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Triathlon sport is not easy even for experienced athletes, so you can imagine how challenging it can be for beginners. Thankfully with the right practice and tips, you can make the most out of every second. Here are some triathlon tips to keep in mind.

Work On Your Footwear

One of the most challenging parts of triathlon is the transition between swimming, cycling, and running. You need to think about your footwear. It may be hard to completely dry your feet after the swim, so your feet may still be damp as you put on socks and cycling footwear. Experts advise sprinkling some talcum powder into your socks and footwear, and you will save more time during triathlon transitions. Also, look for shoes with lace locks to save more time.

Back-To-Back Training Sessions

Back-to-back training sessions are the ideal way to equip your body to deal with the demands of transitioning from swimming to cycling to running, Mitch Vanhille, a seasoned coach, advises. Also known as brick sessions, where you train two disciplines directly after each other, it prepares your body to better cope with a triathlon race.

Use Vaseline

Time is of the essence in triathlon, and you need to save as much time as you can when transitioning. Removing your wet swimsuit after the swim can be challenging and time-wasting. Applying Vaseline to areas like the legs and underarms is advisable to allow your swimsuit to slide off easily.

Invest In Professional Swimming Coaching

Swimming is the most technical of the three triathlon disciplines, and investing in a professional swimming coach is advisable. Keep in mind that an experienced swimming technician will outdo a cardiovascular specialist, so it is worth investing in a good one to get the best performance right from your swim stage.

Additionally, if the swimming will take place in open water, ensure you practice in one beforehand in a lake or ocean. Open water swimming varies from pool swimming since it requires a more upright position. Practicing early will help you get used to the additional buoyancy a swimsuit provides, which may affect your swimming position.

Avoid Fatigue When Cycling

It is crucial to also focus on cycling because it is where you can make up most of the time out of the three disciplines. Any percentage of improvement in cycling will go a long way than the same percentage of progress in swimming or running. Most importantly, at the beginning of the cycling leg, do not push too high a gear as that would fatigue your legs in the latter phases of the cycle. You should choose a lower gear and maintain a high cadence as you settle into your natural rhythm.

Start With Short Strides When Running

Your legs can feel heavy after cycling, so beginning with shorter strides as your body gets used to the run is recommended.

The Takeaway

Ensure transition training is part of your general practice until your system adopts the automatic process. That will improve your transition technique, clothing changes, strategy, and speed.

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