Tips and Tricks for Moving Overseas

Moving overseas can be an exciting prospect, but is also a process filled with many hurdles and challenges. Between researching your location, finding a reputable international removalist, packing and booking your plane tickets, there is so much to think about and plan for.

This list of tips and tricks for relocating overseas will supply you with a comprehensive list of what you can do to make this process easier on yourself and your family. 

Research Your New Home 

The first thing you need to do on your international moving journey is to spend a good amount of time researching your new home. There are many things you will want to know before settling down, but these are just a few to get you started:

  • What is the Visa process?
  • What are the best neighbourhoods for you? Do you need to live close to work? 
  • How does transport work in your new home? Should you bring your car with you, or is public transport more suitable?
  • What is the average size and style of homes? This will inform what you pack to take with you. 
  • What benefits do you have access to in this new country? Do you have to secure health insurance, can you work as a non-citizen?

Make sure you understand the ins and outs of what your new home will require from you. This will make the whole moving process much smoother and put you in a good place when you arrive. 

Find A Reputable International Removalist

Once you know you are going to move it is a good idea to get in touch with international removalists as soon as possible. This process can be lengthy and sometimes complicated, so finding a trustworthy and reputable company will make a huge difference to your overall stress-levels. 

Read all available reviews, peruse websites, and set up consultations with a range of companies until you find the one that suits you and your needs. It is good to opt for a company that offers comprehensive and free in-home surveys. This is when a removalist will come to your house and give you a quote based on the contents of your home. This means there’s no guesswork and you can get a quote that is as accurate as possible. 

Sell and Give Away Unwanted Items

Moving overseas requires you to properly consider whether all of your belongings are worth taking with you. It is an excellent opportunity to simplify your wardrobe, get rid of unwanted furniture pieces, and start fresh. Some things may be impractical to take with you but will cost the same so it is important to weigh up your options. 

It is also worthwhile considering your vehicle and whether you will sell it or take it. Some places are not suitable for cars or have restrictions on vehicles that are allowed into the country. 

Pets are a similar story. If you are taking your furry companion with you need to do the research to see if there are any restrictions related to the pet process. 

Sort Your Documents

Setting up residency in a new country requires a huge amount of documentation to be completed and be on hand at any one time. First and foremost, it is important to make sure your Visa and passport are up to date. It is important to start this process early as it can take a couple months to be completed. 

It is also important to have any proof that you need for your visa on hand while travelling – think proof of employment, proof of enrollment etc. This will ensure your travel process is smooth sailing. 

Other documents that are good to have on hand are copies of your relevant insurance, and copies of your birth certificate and license. Make sure to take all important and relevant documents with you while you travel and do not pack them with your shipment as it can take a long time to get these back. 

Find A New Home

When moving overseas, you will find that each country has different accommodation types and recommendations. Depending on where you move to, this process can vary a lot. 

While it can be tempting to sign a contract for your new home before landing in the country, this can also leave you open to scams. We recommend finding some neighbourhoods and areas that suit you and your needs, and getting in touch with a property manager. This ensures that once you arrive in the country you will have a list of options on hand and an expert who can talk you through what to expect. 

In the meantime, find a hotel or airbnb that suits your taste and is in a potential area you want to live in so you can try it out without committing long term.

Notify Providers

Once all of the hard work is done you can get started on notifying your providers, friends, and family that you are moving. 

This includes:

  • Australia Post
  • Australian Electoral Commision
  • Gym
  • Bank
  • Insurance

And of course make sure to catch up with as many friends and loved ones as possible before you leave and offer them a guest bed or couch if they want to come visit.

Moving Overseas Requires Getting Organised

Moving Overseas requires a lot of moving parts so make sure to be on top of your tasks so you can enjoy the process of overseas shipping. At the end of the day, it is a hugely exciting time and a good opportunity to get organised, catch up with people, and start a new journey. 


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