This Year Will Be The Year of Spectrum Phone.

If you live in the United States, you are probably familiar with Spectrum. Spectrum is an Internet and cable TV behemoth. Recently, Spectrum has divulged into the field of providing phone services. The provisional of phone services is uncharted territory for Spectrum. The only drawback of Spectrum mobile is that it is only available to the pre-existing customers of Spectrum. Thus, if you want Spectrum phone option, you have to enroll in the spectrum Internet or TV plans. However, the carrier offers excellent rates to the individuals who qualify for the home phone program.

Customers can easily avail unlimited data plan along with a brand-new iPhone SE 2020 if they choose to go for the $61 per month plan.

The unlimited data option of Spectrum mobile

  • You will get a 64 GB iPhone SE model.
  • The data plan is unlimited.
  • The payment can be made in installments for 24 months.
  • Under the current promotional offer that is going on on the spectrum website, you will get hundred dollars off if you choose to trade in a device that is eligible with the purchase of phone activation and a new phone line.
  • Thus, as a customer, you will have to pay $61.67 monthly for the phone services. $10 will have to pay upfront.

The unlimited data option plan of Spectrum mobile

Suppose you choose to go for this option. In that case, you will avail unlimited data without getting yourself bound into any type of contract. The total price of this plan is $45 per month, along with $10 that you will have to pay upfront.

There are many cons of opting for the Spectrum mobile plan.

  • You will receive an unlimited data option.
  • There is a flexible by the gig option from Spectrum.
  • The data coverage of Spectrum is simply amazing because they are using Verizon’s phone network to piggyback their signal. The Verizon phone network is the best in the country.

Disadvantages of opting for Spectrum mobile plan

  • You have to be a customer of Spectrum to be able to avail Spectrum’s phone option. Suppose you want the phone connection of Spectrum, but you are not an existing Spectrum customer. In that case, you either subscribe to the TV cable service or the Internet service to be eligible for the phone service.
  • The plan options in the case of Spectrum are pretty limited.

Why should you opt for Spectrum?

There are a few pros of opting for Spectrum.

In this world where everyone is constantly dependent on social media for their entertainment and, in certain cases even livelihood, everyone needs constant access to the internet. Furthermore, with the increase in the online gaming population, internet data plans have become rather expensive. Therefore, if you can qualify for the Spectrum mobile option, you have great luck. If you choose to opt for Spectrum, you will receive unlimited data plans.

The $45 unlimited data option that Spectrum offers is one of the best and most effective options available in the market. It is also extremely durable. This plan involves unlimited speed and speaking options. The best part of this Spectrum plan is that data availability is truly unlimited. The customers also have access to the Wi-Fi hotspots of Spectrum, the international messaging and calling options to certain locations, and access many mobile hotspots. Thus, you can easily gain access to the ice cream along with all the toppings at very reasonable rates.

Pay by the gig option.

Spectrum also has a play by the gig option. This is the perfect option if you prefer to buy things in bulk. If you decide to go for the bulk option, you will only be paying for the data that you use. This option can also be amazing for you if you do not use more than 1-3 GB of data in a month. If you need more data than 3GB, you should opt for the unlimited option.

If you decide to go for the gig plan of Spectrum mobile, you will have to pay $14 per month for unlimited talk time, text, and first Gb of data. After this, every gigabit will cost you an additional $14. As already mentioned above, this plan is perfect for those who use only one to leave your data. If you need more, you go for the unlimited plan.

The mobile coverage of Spectrum

As has been mentioned before, Spectrum piggybacks its phone services on the network of Verizon. Spectrum does not have its mobile network. However, you can stay assured that you will get amazing connectivity with Spectrum because of Verizon.

The network of Verizon is the most robust at the moment. However, the 4G LTE service of Verizon is even available in remote regions of the country.

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