The necessity of girl child education

Children are the future of a nation and their health, wealth, and education must be flourished and thrive in the society for best choices in their life. Girl education plays a vital role in the family and society for the achievement of vision in the country.

Girl child faces a lot of challenges in the country to become independent in terms of making their life normal and comfortable. The main challenge that they face is gender discrimination and bias. Gender equality with women empowerment can only ensure the safe and secure future of a girl child. This can be achieved by Educating the Girl Child properly and making her choose their life to become prosperous.

Gender-based discrimination

Children are facing extreme hardships and marginalization just because of gender discrimination. The girl child is subjected to various violence and hardships. The main problem the girls and women face in their life is they are just totally depending on others.

The girls are facing domestic violence, less nutrition value, gender discrimination, child labor, sexual harassment, commercial sexual exploitation, and some harmful practices like child marriage, premature pregnancy, female genital mutilation, etc. The negative consequences of all these make the girl child physically and mentally weak.

Protective home environment

Gender-based equality ensures strong and healthy nutrition value to the girl child. When the home supports the girl’s child’s education, it greatly helps to decide her future career and further development. Gender-based equality ensures safety, well-being, healthy factor, and the best education for the girl child.

When women prosper in life, the family, in turn, flourishes and ensures a bright future for their family, child, society, and nation. Hence, it is important to educate the girl child to make their life happy and prosper.

Perils of girl institutions

The young women institutions run by the government and NGO give real hope for a girl child for best education with complete safety and security. It also helps the poor child to get an education in a caring and secure environment. The institutions are operated by well-experienced management and staff to ensure better education for the girl child. Apart from education, the institution trains the girl child in various extracurricular activities that help in building self-confidence among girl children. It helps for their positive future.

Track the status of the girl child education

By giving education to the girl child will not alone increase her efficiency. A proper track record of every girl’s child education must be noted at various levels to understand the gap of their education level. More importantly, tracking records give a real picture of the impact of the institution program and how far the child has been adapted to it. This track record helps to correct themselves in the weaker parts and also helps to achieve great success in their life.


Educating the girl child is one of the most effective methods for girl child empowerment which in turn helps for national growth and development. At the same time, the institution must ensure the safety, protection, and security of every child. Education helps in eradicating poverty, domestic violence, child marriage, and malpractices of society.

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