The Best Shirts to Buy in 2022

Designer shirts are something unique, spunky, and daring. They represent something new in the climate and often lead the trend. You don’t need many, just one or two to make them affirmations. Expect higher quality fabrics than the high street. You shouldn’t find cheap, mass-produced poly-cotton blends.

These are some designer shirts that you should have in your wardrobe.


A mandarin collar shirt is a stylish option for formal events. It is a modern style of men’s shirt that will save you the ruffles and bow ties but still look great.


There’s nothing quite like the smooth, formal look of a good quality double cotton poplin for an everyday business shirt. Fabrics like twill, oxford and herringbone are great for a more casual shirt that sparks interest without a tie. But for that flawless, clean, no-frills business look.


When it’s warm for a coat and cold for a T-shirt, this boring transition period between the two climatic extremes has challenged the way people dress. Fortunately, however, we have overshirts. The beauty of the overshirt is in its versatility, making it a lightweight jacket that’s perfect for when the weather gets warmer. Or you can layer up on colder days and even wear an overcoat in the winter. You can wear an overshirt over or under accordingly. Light shades are generally more casual, while darker coloured overshirts can be worn professionally or on more imaginative occasions.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Shirts for Men

This part’s the hardest. There’s a massive distinction among bold print shirts in quality and design; consequently, you need to select carefully.

  1. Stick with pattern colours that can be complementary colours to your wardrobe. Mixing a red shirt with khaki trousers isn’t going to work. Green, blue, black, and pink are all colours that can be clean to shape with trousers and shorts no matter the season.
  2. Choose styles with items that can be thrilling and not ‘lame’. Birds’ flowers are best over rocket ships and toilets.
  3. Fabric is important – silk is best observed via way of means of wool/cotton.

How to Style Shirts for Men

Make no mistake; the printed shirt is not formal. Use it wherever you’re taking fashion liberties and create a statement while not offending the party hosts.

 Here are our easy tips for creating the daring printed shirt that looks amazing:

  •  Wear with string or folded trousers – tuck it in or pass over for a most casual look mixed with an obvious black or blue suit as a statement piece
  • No belt needed – it’s one less thing to catch the eye.
  • combine with sneakers, oxfords or loafers (in the summer months)
  • Style it with Ripped jeans 

Beach Casual (With Shorts)

The printed shirt is an excellent beach to bar fashion item in summer. It’s fancy and can guarantee you’re inward in vogue (and with a collar). Keep the pairings simple; this suggests plain shorts (blue, black or white), classic sneakers or slip-ons and lets the shirt do the talking. Visit DapperMenswear.

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