Solving Softgels

What Are Softgels Exactly?

At some point in life, everyone has probably taken medication encapsulated in a soft gel. But what are they exactly, and why are they so prevalent today?

In 1934, Robert Pauli Scherer invented the rotary die press that produced soft gelatin capsules to contain medications. His company, Gelatin Products Corp., ultimately became Catalent Pharma Solutions, Inc. Since its inception, the Softgel capsules have been the most efficient way of consuming medication and other liquid ingredients CBN softgels.

Softgel capsules can be described as a fast-acting form of oral dosage of liquids that consists of thick layers of gelatin and plasticizers, to improve flexibility without degradation. Softgel material is antioxidant, which means that the contents have a long shelf life and are resistant to oxidation. Their opaque coloring makes it attractive and protects it against UV rays. Softgel capsules are water-soluble and easily dissolvable in the stomach and small intestine, and never dry out. The gel encasing may also include polysaccharides and their derivatives such as carrageenan and starch or cellulose modifications.

Softgels are most preferred because they are easy to swallow and lead to the rapid absorption of the encapsulated product within the body. The gelatin used for the capping is a food additive found in marshmallows, puddings, and Jell-O. Gelatin is a substance that comes from collagen. Collagen is a product of animal bones and skin. The gelatin comes as a powder that is blended with glycerin and water. Once the mixture is thick enough, it is molded into a gel cap and filled with a substance. You can also add flavor to the gelatin to help the consumer with the bad taste of the product inside.

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