Setting Up A Living Room Easily

Living rooms are a popular spot in many homes, but they can be difficult to space out and get the look you want. This article will show you how to set up a living room (ห้อง นั่งเล่น, which is the term in Thai) without professional help easily. By following our easy steps, you’ll be able to create a space that reflects your personality and style.

With our advice on how to decorate a living room that is on the large side, you can transform it from a good-sized, congested space into one that is pleasant and relaxing.

·       Select Wooden Pieces With Legs

Even the tiniest living spaces can feel airy by choosing a sofa or seat with high legs to create a sense of space and light. The room appears larger because more of the ground is seen. From the main deck and cupboards to sofas, many gorgeous items from the mid-century are mounted on legs.

·       Use A Gallery Wall To Establish A Centerpiece.

Above the sofa, consider gallery wall ideas to center your living room. Create something personalized by framing pictures, prints, wall patterns, and dried flowers. That will create a visually appealing single space by incorporating artwork.

·       To Provide The Impression Of More Space, Hide Corners.

You were detracting attention from a space’s edges with the geometry of angles. If you find a technique to hide corners or camouflage them such that the eye is drawn to the center of the structure instead of the border, you can trick your eyes into thinking a space is more significant than it is.

·       Use Large-Scale Artwork

They will always prefer walls covered with art and photographs for displaying particular items. But in a small room, one substantial piece of art could keep the area from feeling crowded and chaotic. A stunning sofa is complemented by a large abstract print in pink and mustard tones, while the rest of the room is kept simple and light.

·       Hang Lightweight Curtains.

With flowy window coverings and a remark of reflections, you can maximize natural light. Instead of having something too substantial, opt for sheer, light roller blinds to accentuate the space around the window. Opt for chairs with rounded corners to balance out all the sharp angles in your compact living space, from the doorway to the curtains.


By following these steps, you’ll be able to create a gorgeous and personalized living room in no time. Make sure you keep the items chosen for the space aesthetically pleasing. And don’t forget to add some of your favorite quotes or pictures of loved ones to make it feel more personal. Use this guide when setting up your new living room!

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