Know The Features Of Lenovo Thinksystem SR550

Lenovo Think System SR550 is the best option for small to large companies. This dual-socket 2U rack server is reliable, manageable, secure, flexible, and costs optimised performance. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR550 is designed to tackle more workloads. This server performs complex analytics on structured and unstructured data cost-effectively. It is the second generation of the Intel Xeon processor scalable family.

Keep reading to know the features of Lenovo Think System SR550.

Features Of Lenovo Think System SR550

· Cost Efficient Performance

The Think system SR550 offers numerous features to improve performance, capacity and value in the 2U form factor. Important performance components are conveyed in a combination designed to uplift the system’s cost efficiency. SR550 help to meet both the workload and reduce the cost of the enterprise.

· Workload Optimized Support

This new second-generation server improves the performance by 36 per cent over the previous generation. Moreover, it supports 2933MHZ TruDDR4 memory and Vector Neutral Network Instruction (VNNI), which eases the performance on AI workloads.

· Advance It Management

Lenovo XClarity controller is the inserted management engine in the Think system SR550. It is embedded to standardise the server and simplify and develop foundation server management tasks. Lenovo XClarity is an application that handles the ThinkSystem server, storage and networking. It helps to reduce provisioning time up to 95 cents more than the manual operation. Additionally, using XClarity Integrator assist you in transforming IT management, promotes speed, and is cost-effective in an existing It environment.

· Availability And Serviceability

The Think system SR550 helps to improve the system uptime and simplify serviceability. It is so powerful that it can run for 24 hours and seven days a week. Moreover, it allows upgrades and serviceable parts like processors and memory DIMMs with tool less cover removal. This server provides budget-friendly data protection.

· Security

The Think system SR550 offers advanced server processor control, monitoring and alert features with an XClarity controller. It supports building (UEFI) Unified Extensible Firmware Interface system setup. And it also updates and simplifies error handling with installed XClarity Provisioning Manager. It is designed for faster and more powerful encryption with industry-standard AES NI support.

Final Takeaway

Think system SR550 is perfectly poised for SMEs; it offers a great value Xeon scalable server solution with high-quality management tools. Lenovo has completely revamped the hardware designed and radically uplifted the server management offerings. It is solidly constructed and provides plenty of storage options up to 16SFF drives.

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