Issues Faced By Online Sellers For Everyday Transactions

Being a seller is not easy. A seller faces many issues during the whole process of selling and receiving the amount. Due to many rising cases, a seller looks for a slip verification image before any transaction. Transaction frauds are common in which a seller might face a fake transfer slip (สลิป โอน เงิน ปลอม, which is a term in Thai).

How To Check For Fake Ones?

An online seller receives fake slips many times. And when they get any transaction slip, they must check for details in it. A seller has to verify many other things along with the amount to give the final thumbs-up. Every transaction that takes place online always has a record. So, the first step will include checking the transaction status online.

Even if the other side claims that the amount transacted or the payment is successful from their side, the seller can check for some details. To save themselves from the argument, a seller can collect the information related to payment and provide proof of inconvenience.

One Can Look Through Online Records And Save Details Like:

  • Account Balance
  • Time Of Payment
  • Type Of Transaction

A fake transfer slip can be verified and cross-checked after all the vital information is in the open. Verification of any fake receipt can save a seller from all the trouble. Every transaction has a record, and a seller can use a slip verification image (รูป สลิป โอน เงิน, term in Thai) to find the real ones.

What To Do During Transaction Issues?

If a seller is facing a transaction issue like a late update or crash of the site, there are few things that they can do. What generally people do is that they wait till the bank site is back on, or else they contact their bank. But if the final balance of the account is not according to the last transaction, then maybe it’s not the bank.

Many banks provide new technology that can help a seller verify the slip. One can use such tools with the guidance of the bank.

A transaction issue can also occur when due to a fake transfer slip. A seller can contact their bank and get the details of all the previous transactions. Then they can look through the account transactions and verify the receipt. Use the technical tool of a bank to get a slip verification image.

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