Investing in real estate: what about in Greece?

Investing in real estate is one of the proven ways investment of money. But in order to make a profit, you need to get a residence permit in Greece and assess the prospects for the development of the country. Here about what opportunities open up for investors in Greece, and why this direction is becoming more and more popular.

Peculiarities of Greece real estate

Thanks to the large influx of tourists, as well as students, because in Greece you can get a free education, rates are actively growing in the residential and commercial real estate market and new objects for investment appear. 

It is impossible to guarantee a certain profitability: the final figure depends on many factors. For example, you can invest to rent exclusive villa in Greece, their cost, depending on the location, starts from 75 thousand euros, and rent out square meters. But a long-term lease, according to the head of the company, is less profitable and allows you to count on a profit of 3-4.5% per year.

Residence permit

One of the most popular areas today is attracting private capital, not just in Greece but all over the world. You can freely move between the Schengen countries in Greece with a residence permit. Investors do not have to live in Greece or even come to the country every year to do business there. You can buy multiple residential or commercial properties with the Golden Visa that can be rented out or used for business purposes.

You will be able to live in Greece all year and have an unlimited number of extensions to your residence permit—as long as you own a property and have the option of doing business. You can buy a car with a Greek residence permit, and children can attend public schools. You are eligible to apply for citizenship after seven years.

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