Identifying a Termite Attack in Your Austin Property

The simplest and most straightforward way of determining a termite infestation is the identification of swarmers. Swarmers are produced by a colony of local insects which aims to establish their new habitat. Additionally, one might also find residues of termite wings which are usually dropped after finding a mate and signify that they are all set for establishing a colony. In such cases, the first priority would be to contact pest control Austin, TX, to prevent any termite damage to the Austin property. 

However, other identifiers, too, would ensure one about the infestation of termites in the household.

Clicking Sound Behind Walls:

A clicking sound is produced when the soldier termites tap their heads against the wall. If the colony imposes danger on the termites, such sounds are produced, which act as a good sign to warn the humans residing in the house.

Hollow-Sounding Wooden Furniture:

Termite attacks on wooden substances are worse, and in such a scenario, one might notice some hollow or papery sounds in the wooden objects. This will make them understand that the integrity of one’s Austin residence has been regrettably compromised. 


Frass can be the easiest identifier for dry wood termites. To build the nest, most of the termites utilize their own droppings except dry wood termites. Drywood termites tend to push their droppings through the wood openings, which usually appears as some powdery substance. If one finds any such powdery substance on wood openings or surfaces, it is a clear and unfortunate identifier of termite infestation.

Preventive Measures Against Termite Infestation:

The top two things that entertain the infestation of termites are wood and moisture. Therefore, removing excess foliage involving rotting wood and tree stumps that attracts the attention of termites would be beneficial. Restrict the contact of any wood surfaces with the soil and keep the surrounding environment moisture free. If firewood is stored near the property, ensure they are several feet away. Reducing the overall moisture level will help one to safeguard the property from termite infestation. 

Final Thoughts:

Considering the capability of reproduction and growth of the pests, in case of severe infestation, home remedies or DIY methods might not prove effective as they leave the tendency of re-infestation in future. The best idea is to consult a pest control company that will provide professional exterminators to restore the comfort of a residential property.

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