How to Pick the Best GLOCK Pistol for You – The 2020 Guide to Buying

GLOCK pistols are one of the country’s most successful handguns. Yet, with so many versions from which to choose, it’s difficult to keep track of them. The fundamental issue is: which GLOCK is most suited to your needs? The GLOCK Buyer’s Guideline for 2020 is now accessible in an updated edition.

How the Glock Got America’s Favorite Weapon

The Glock arrived in the United States in 1988. It was great timing, aligning with the development of the American drug market at a time when several cops felt outmanned on the street by criminals. The huge volume and compact size of the Glock provided it with a benefit over other firearms.

GLOCK offers so many iterations that it is difficult to find the handgun that best suits the operator. For several clients, the new versions for 2022 are also worth consideration. GLOCK should release an updated Buyer’s Handbook with all new handgun models. This upgraded version is being introduced to assist you in locating the “proper” GLOCK for you.

What is the finest GLOCK design?

GLOCK manufactures several pistol types in various sizes. So which type of GLOCK pistol is perfect for you? The 2022 Purchaser’s Guide can assist you in determining this.

GLOCK reported the remarkable success story of almost 5 million pistols sold in 2007. Currently, the company produces handguns in 8 dimensions and eight calibres, with over 50 variants, five versions, and a wide range of options, including the newest bolt action GLOCK 44. However, all variants of the GLOCK pistol series have one common factor: they are upper handguns.

GLOCK pistols aim to fulfil even the greatest requirements due to their security, simplicity of use, excellent velocity, little weight, and true dependability at unrivalled cost-effectiveness. The groundbreaking Safe Action System found within GLOCK pistols ensures a steady trigger movement from the first to the last bullet. As a result, every pistol’s fire suppression system has three automated, separately working mechanical defensive backs: the triggered security, the selector lever safety, and the dropping safety.

GLOCK has revised its buying advice with the new Buyer’s Guide. Furthermore, the company has expanded it with new items, new attachments, and useful information. Along with other aspects, the GLOCK 44 in.22 LR is now available as the company’s first rimfire handgun. Furthermore, the Modular Optic System (MOS) is added to an expanding quantity of GLOCK pistols.

The handbook displays the distinct GLOCK pistols in a systematic, easier way, together with their vital specs, excellent buying guidance and very useful. The updated 2022 GLOCK Buyer’s Manual is accessible in paper form or as a downloadable from authorized GLOCK dealers.

What factors should you check while purchasing a GLOCK pistol?

GLOCK pistol variants all have the same characteristics and benefits. In terms of managing and upkeep, there isn’t much of a variation. Moreover, each GLOCK pistol is tested to assure perfect operation and reliability right out of the box.

The fifth-generation pistols GLOCK Gen5 stand out with functionalities such as DLC finish for the cylinder and tumble, ambidextrous slide handle and changeable magazine catch, tapered mag well and expanded magazine floor tray, no finger notches, backstrap and beavertail system, and GLOCK marksman barrels for increased accuracy. Therefore, Generation 5 blends future technology with better accuracy, adaptability, velocity, and dependability you’ve learned to know from GLOCK.

Which GLOCK pistol is most suited for which application?

GLOCK engineers created the Modular Optic System pistol design and made fitting common optical targets easier. GLOCK compensator pistols, sometimes known as “C” variants, minimize recoil and feel compelled. The compensator pistols’ cylinder and slide have two apertures that allow steam to pass more quickly. This implies that GLOCK suppressor versions are simple to manage, particularly with fast-firing threads, and ensure the optimum groups.

But, which model is mainly appropriate for a specific purpose is ultimately determined by your own needs for a GLOCK handgun.

How to Replace a Glock Slide Plate in 5 Simple Steps

Each Glock model has a sliding cover plate at the rear, and stripping it to replace it is a basic disassembly process. The plate must be updated regularly since it retains the firing pin, and if you don’t, your gun’s shooting efficiency may suffer. The replacement procedure is simple and nearly the same in all Glock versions.

You don’t have to completely disable the pistol; the factory slide plate contains a saw blade, so you can unscrew it with your finger and replace it with a new layout. Read here for further info in how to remove Glock back plate.

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