How to organize a corporate event that exceeds all expectations

We all know that a good organizational culture must value the interaction between the team, partners and customers. Therefore, the end of the year is usually a great time to get all teams together and celebrate the goals achieved during the year at a special corporate event. However, do you know how to organize a corporate event and come up with ideas for it?

Promoting events reinforces the organizational culture, helps to promote the brand, strengthens relationships, and improves the level of motivation and engagement of professionals. Follow our tips for corporate events and guarantee a good celebration.

Start organizing your event in advance

Last-minute events tend to be much more expensive and more error-prone. So start thinking about the buffet, guest list, attractions and space you will use to hold the event at least a month in advance. It is interesting to create an annual calendar of company events, so that the budget is prudent and fair. It is no use wanting to “do it well” to end up with all the cash available at the event and vice versa.

Assemble a team responsible for the organization

It is important to create a team with people who know how to work in groups and who already have experience with events. People in the area of ​​communication and marketing can be ideal for corporate events, as they are easy to deal with people, in addition to having knowledge in publicizing events, internal communications and other tools that facilitate this type of action.

Make a checklist of all planning steps

Nothing like organizing a corporate event with the help of commotion lists. Going down on paper is always the best way to organize and follow a plan for project development. Do not trust your brain so much! It is normal to end up forgetting important details. Make a checklist for the corporate event and everything will happen much easier. To help, make this checklist focusing on everything you will need for your event and marking the development of each step until everything is prepared. You can use applications to control tasks, such as Google Keep, which allows the creation of checklists divided by cards.

Choose a good date

Holding events on commemorative dates, especially during the end of the year, can be a challenge for all of guests to attend. The day of the week and the time of the event are also relevant factors. So focus on the weekends, like the end of the Friday workday. It is important to find a date when the team is not going on vacation or spending time with the family. If you want to celebrate Christmas at the company, do the event a week or two in advance. 


Have you thought of taking out your future clients in luxury limousine? If you organize a party with drinks and music, your future clients will be happy. Above all, it is unique. After a successful corporate event, invite your close colleagues, your manager and the future clients to join you in a luxury limo party. Hire the best limo bus Toronto rental now. Organize games that engage and promote interaction among the entire team, in case of internal events. 

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