How Rolex Had Maintained Its Image In The Fashion Industry 

Only a few of the major watch manufacturers could bypass the latest fashion trends safely to survive the ever-increasing competition. Among the ones that can, Rolex has been a class apart. It would be pertinent to mention here that Rolex watches have been a marvel to look at. A primary reason would be their iconic statement made by their design. 

What Is So Special About The Rolex Design? 

The company had stuck to the design since time. Any Rolex you come across presently would not be different in its design from those manufactured forty or fifty years ago. However, the subtle differences in the appearance of varying Rolex watches would be as much with its security and technology as with its aesthetics improvements. 

A Rolex Cellini Moonphase watch is a luxury wristwatch manufactured by Rolex. Cellini is a long-time collaboration between the luxury Watch Company and Italian fashion designer Gianni Cellini. The watches are still assembled in Switzerland but have dials decorated in Italy by master artisans. 

Challenges Faced By Rolex 

Among the several challenges the brand faces, the biggest challenge would be the brand facing the forever-changing fashion but the endlessly inventive copycats. They have been desperate to make the most of the immense popularity the brand has developed with time. 

Since time, Rolex has experimented with numerous security measures, ranging from holograms to etched laser crystals. Despite these ways, having been designed one after the other, it has made it difficult for counterfeiters to copy the design, efficiently differentiating them from the original Rolex Cellini Moonphase. If anyone contemplated mimicking the older Rolex, he has to get the correct security feature and the watch’s design. 

Concerned With Their Image In The Fashion Industry 

Despite most watch manufacturers looking forward to leading the fashion industry with their latest designs that boast of their technical expertise instead of aesthetics, Rolex had changed the design and appearance of its watches constantly for their shapes, sizes, and materials. They have been immensely concerned about their Image. 

To Sum It Up 

The Rolex Cellini Moonphase watch is a timepiece with an in-house, exclusive moon phase. This is not just for the women or those who want to make a statement about their wealth and success. The moon phase display is easy to read, it is practical, and it is functional.

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