How Effective Is A Fly Fan Against Pestering Flies

You might come across numerous gadgets that have been featured earlier to assist in eliminating the pestering bugs and flies. Most of these gadgets claim to provide the best solution to your blue bottle fly elimination needs. However, not all would live up to their claim. They might not be good enough to keep the flies off your food during preparation or while you are consuming it. The chances of you being pestered with flies while preparing food outdoors would be higher. Usually, you do not have the equipment to keep the flies at bay while you enjoy preparing or consuming food outdoors. Do not fret, as fly fans would help you stay clear of the pestering flies.

How Does A Fly Fan Keep The Flies At Bay?

The gadget is an automatic spinning fan with soft blades to repel flies off your table or your food. The best part would be that the soft blades would not hurt you while you go for the food on the table. It would stop spinning while you do not feel a thing. The fan starts back again after you have removed your hand.

It is an odor-free, child-friendly, and chemical-free way to stay clear of the blue bottle fly pestering your precious time with your friends and family, dining out in the lap of nature. The fly fans would keep you safe from various kinds of bugs and flies landing on your food in the open. Rest assured that the fly fans would be your best bet to keep the flies at bay while you set up a nice BBQ party with your friends and family outdoors. These fans have been of immense use in restaurants to keep the customers and their food clear of flies and bugs. It has been a boon to the people to be safe from the pestering flies and bugs outdoors.

How Does The Fly Fan Work?

The fly fan works automatically. It entails a soft blade spinning at the top that stops when it comes in contact with your hand or anything solid. The fly fans would eliminate the risk of blue bottle fly coming near your food with the help of small series of dots featured on the blades. The blades tend to refract the light to deter bugs and flies to come near them. The combination of refracting dots on the spinning blade tends to resemble a swiping hand motion. It deters the flies to change their course immediately. The flies would not come near your food due to the spinning blades and the refracting dots on the spinning blades.

The fly fans run on two AA batteries, thereby making it cord-free and easy to carry anywhere. It would protect your food from the blue bottle fly and other kinds of pests and bugs. The battery of the fly fan tends to last approximately thirty hours of use. However, you could enhance its life by turning off the fly fan after your food has been removed from the table.

To Sum It Up

The fly fan is a great alternative to other gadgets for removing flies from your table and the food. The repellent keeps the flies away from you and helps you enjoy the chat while having food outdoors.

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