Get more bangs for your buck with game credit bundles

Gaming is an expensive hobby, especially if you play a lot of different games across multiple platforms. Buying games at full price all the time adds up and puts a dent in your wallet. That’s why taking advantage of game credit bundles is a smart way to get more value for your money as a gamer. 

What are game credit bundles?

Game credit bundles let you purchase a lump sum of credits to put towards buying games and add-ons at discounted bundle rates. It’s like getting a gift card for a gaming platform, but the credits go further since items are discounted as part of the bundle. Some bundles are platform-specific, like for the PlayStation Store or Nintendo Eshop. Others provide credits for certain publishers or developers. Either way, bundles let you score a nice little pile of credits upfront to splurge on games for less money.

The more credits you buy in a bundle, the deeper the discounts get. So if you’re trying to maximize savings, pay attention to the tiered discount levels on bigger bundles. Even a $20 bundle scores you $40 or more in purchasing power if you play it right around sales and discounts.

Plan around sales to boost savings

The key to extracting the most value from game bundles is planning your credit spending around sales on both games and additional top-off credits. Most gaming platforms run seasonal publisher sales and holiday discounts for Black Friday through New Year’s. The PlayStation Store, Nintendo Eshop, Xbox Marketplace, and Steam all discount tons of popular games for 50-90% off leading up to the holidays. That’s the optimal time to splurge your credit bundles on new game releases and back catalog classics you’ve been holding out for. Pair your bundle discounts with the site-wide sales, and you could snag $60 games for less than $5-10 each. Even newer titles see temporary price slashes during seasonal events and publisher weeks. You plan by browsing upcoming sales calendars and setting Email alerts for titles on your wishlist. Time it right by topping up your account balance with bundles in advance, and purchasing power once the sales kick in.

Indie games offer more mileage

Gaming value from bundles is by focusing more on indie games than big-budget titles. The shorter development time and smaller teams involved with indie games tend to launch at lower price points while still delivering amazing and innovative gameplay stocking up on indie developers’ gems goes much further than buying one or two $60 AAA titles at a time unipin ff max.

Great indie publishers to watch for sales and discounts include Annapurna Interactive, Devolver Digital, Team17, and Curve Digital. Highly acclaimed releases like OlliOlli World, Neon White, Death’s Door, Tunic, and Bullet Hell Monday see generous discounts during publisher-focused events on Nintendo, PlayStation, and Steam. Snag just a few of these unique experiences at 75-90% off, and you’ve already scored 10 times the gaming value than paying full-price on whatever shooter or sports title just launched at $70.

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