Essentials In A PRP Kit – What Happens After The Sample Is Extracted? 

A successful PRP treatment can be achieved when the platelet cells in the body are activated successfully to treat many bodily problems. One of the many factors that influence this target is the extraction of blood from the patients’ bodies systematically. This can be achieved with the help of the right PRP kit.

A PRP kit should always have top-quality PRP tubes in them, as these tubes will hold the blood sample for as long as possible till the centrifugation procedure is completed. The best kind of such tubes is available for purchase on the official webpage of Dr. Renat Akhmerov’s Plasmolifting Technologies. They are famous for their products in the medical world as their products never fail to help doctors with all of the treatments.

Contents of a PRP Kit

Here are some things that are a must-have in a PRP kit.

Tubes for the sample collections 

A blood sample is collected in the tubes after it is extracted from the patient’s body. The tube is the safety zone for blood till it is subjected to centrifugation for the extraction of PRP from it. Hence, the right-quality tubes in the PRP kit are mandatory, as the poor-quality tubes can damage the quality of blood if they are stored for a longer time.


Since the procedure involves the extraction of blood from the veins of the body of the patients, the needles that are used are of many types such as butterfly, and mesotherapy needles, injection needles, and transfer needles. All these needle types are a must in the PRP kit.


Syringes are the temporary tubes that hold the blood of the patient till the sample is transferred into a PRP tube. Hence, the proper syringes are required for not only extracting blood from the body of the patient, but also to inject the PRP solution back into the patient’s body in the right place.

Preparation of PRP for the Therapy

Concentrated PRP is required for the therapy to get the best results. The main aim of extracting the concentrated solution is that it will have all the bioactive proteins intact as required for the procedure to get successful results. Hence, once the blood sample is extracted, it is kept in a safe environment to make sure that it stays in its liquid form and also will stay as pure as it was when extracted.

The centrifugation procedure includes transferring blood samples into the centrifugation tubes and the machine. After the procedure, the blood sample will be dispersed into three layers inside the tube.

  1. The bottom layer is the higher density red blood cells
  2. The next layer is platelets that are mixed with some concentration of the leukocyte cells
  3. The upper layer on the tube is the plasma solution without the presence of any platelets in it.

The second layer is the ideal solution for PRP therapy. It is then separated with the help of three separation methods namely buffy coat, gel separator, and buffy coat with double spin. The experts that follow the PRP procedure will decide the right way of PRP extraction based on the requirement for the therapy.

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