Duties of Commercial Cleaning in Greater Bay Area

Cleaning in the workplace is crucial to creating a safe and healthy working environment. It improves productivity and helps reduce stress.

Professional commercial cleaning in Greater Bay Area can help businesses of all sizes and industries get the necessary cleaning.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a commercial cleaning service provider. This includes their experience, work schedule, and quality of service.


A well-maintained office or commercial space conveys that you care about your employees and customers and want to make an excellent first impression. Besides keeping it clean and tidy, you can enhance productivity by optimizing workflow. One of the best ways to do this is to hire a professional commercial cleaning company. These companies can take the stress out of your day-to-day operations by providing the following services: janitorial, cleaning, office maintenance, maid service, carpet cleaning, window washing, and floor waxing. They will even come to your business premises for a free consultation. If you are looking for the best commercial cleaning company in the Bay Area, look no further than JAN-PRO. They are a family-owned and operated local provider that promptly delivers the most cost-effective solutions.


To keep your facility healthy, clean, and safe, the duties of commercial cleaning in Greater Bay Area include a focus on sanitation. Sanitation is the safe collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal of human excreta and sewage.

Proper sanitation promotes health, reduces water and soil pollution, and improves a community’s quality of life. It also has the added benefit of lowering waterborne disease pathogens and their transmission from human-to-human contact.

Keeping your business clean gives you a professional edge, increases employee morale, and can even help boost sales. Our franchisees in the Greater Bay Area know that every facility has unique cleaning needs and can customize a commercial cleaning program that meets your facility’s specific standards.


Disinfecting is the process of killing germs or bacteria on a surface. It can be done using products specifically designed for this or by heat and radiation.

Generally, disinfecting is done less frequently than cleaning and is more likely to be the name of the game in a medical facility or another high-risk area where germs and bacteria can flourish.

An excellent commercial cleaning company can custom-tailor a cleaning solution to suit the specific needs of your business. Call your local JAN-PRO franchisee today to learn how they can take your business from ordinary to extraordinary. The right cleaners can significantly impact your industry’s bottom line, employee morale, and guests’ experiences. The best ones are the ones that listen to your needs and make sure you get the most bang for your buck. The commercial cleaning pros at JAN-PRO have the tools, technology, and training to take your business to the next level.

Waste Management

To reduce the amount of waste generated and hauled offsite, you need to assess your building’s waste stream and develop a strategy for reducing waste. A waste assessment helps discover opportunities to divert, recycle, and compost material.

To achieve waste reduction goals, establish benchmarks based on tracking data. Setting measurable goals for your program will give your team a shared understanding of what you’re working to accomplish and how you’re progressing toward those goals.

For example, Oakland aims to boost edible food recovery efforts and improve its residual waste sorting process. Rather than worrying about complete collection programs like many of its peers, it’s focusing on optimizing existing organics collection systems to maximize the amount of edible food and other diversions.

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