Condo: What Is It, Pros And Cons

Are you looking for Condo in the Chatuchak area (คอนโดย่านจตุจักร, which is the term in thai)? The Condo is somewhat like a house but has some differences. Before searching for a condo in the Chatuchak area, you should know the basic things about a condo and its pros and cons.

What Is A Condo?

A condo is not the same as a single-family home. While both are single-family homes, a single-family house is likely an independent structure. In contrast, a condo is usually part of a larger structure shared by other people. Condos, on the other hand, are not the same as flats.

Consider a condo to be a one-bedroom apartment that you own. Residents in these areas frequently share walls with their next-door neighbors. Like many apartment complexes, condos have common areas, but residents jointly own the common areas. You can find some detached condo units too.

Let’s Look At The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Condo.

Condos are affordable and less expensive than single-family houses, and they provide ownership experiences for multiple buyers. Condos are built in the heart of the town, which makes it a walking distance away from all amenities. Condos also have elaborate security features like a guard, doorman, or call box. A condo is different from an apartment in the sense of ownership. A condo will be all yours, and you can make any improvement that you wish. As a condo owner, you do not need to worry about maintaining the exterior. The Condo is deficient in maintenance and might be a good option for someone who is not inclined to maintain the home’s exterior. You would also be a co-owner of the entire residential building, and this would give you access to all possible amenities in that Condo.

Well Then, What Are The Cons?

You do not own the land on which the Condo is built. Instead, you to share the land ownership with all other residents of that place. You would also need to pay maintenance fees to maintain the exterior of The Condo, and you might need to pay additional fees for any repairs or renovations. You will also have to abide by the rules of the community Association. Condos are usually smaller than houses, so the storage space is also smaller.

Well, these are the pros and cons of a condominium. This would help you in deciding whether to buy a condo in the Chatuchak area or not.

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