Amazon Enhanced Content – Advantages You Need to Know

Amazon enhanced content that is now known as amazon a+ content is available on Seller Central to describe your product with enhanced content and high-quality images. The content added to the Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) will appear on the product page. It will be displayed below the product description line and above the customer reviews. There is enough scope to display the product image, small product video, and feature rich content in interactive template.

This content option is now available to the sellers when they meet all the criteria laid by amazon. You can outsource the services from amazon services provider to ensure that your brand meets all the criteria set by amazon and enjoy EBC on your account. Here are some of the key benefits of EBC that you need to know if you don’t have this feature activated on your amazon seller account yet!

Content – You may like to write more about your product features but there is hardly any space left to do so with limited number of bullets allowed. This is no more a problem when you get a+ content feature activated on your account. There is enough scope to add brand description, product details, address customer questions, and incorporate all the features that make unique value preposition for the potential buyers. In order to make the optimum use of this feature, it is good to hire the expert services that will incorporate interactive and customer friendly content in the available space. 

Visuals – Visuals play a major role in making any product a success on online platform. This is the only way a buyer will be able to know exactly what to expect from the product. Professionally photographed high-quality images and product videos under proper lighting will encourage the customer to make the buying decision. You can also post a small video showing the unique features of the product along with other details that may attract more buyers.

Brand Building – Building a successful brand is not easy, especially when you have huge competition out there. Amazon enhanced content will not just offer you the scope for amazon product listings optimization, but it will also offer space for brand building. Along with the product description, there is enough space for brand features too. When your product appears on the search ranking, a buyer will get to view your brand too along with the product and this will increase the brand visibility too. This can turn into steady brand building exercise in long run. A successful brand is always a first choice among the buyers when all other factors are competitive. 

You can enjoy this special feature from amazon for your seller account too with the help of proper guidance from an expert. A good amazon consultant will know the exact process starting from brand registration to other key criteria set by amazon in order to activate this feature. You will reduce the timeline from brand registration to getting EBC on your account by outsourcing the services from experienced consulting agency. 

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