6 Tips to Dry Clean Your Couch at Home

A comfortable couch can give your living room a great feel and warmth. It promotes family time, conversations, and fun games with your loved ones. It is somewhere in the home, where the whole family can come together and make memories together by comfortably sitting together, there will be a lot of storytelling, mocking, and laughs happening on that same couch. So, it is important to preserve a good couch for as long as possible. Some couches can only be dry cleaned and this will be mentioned in their couch tag. Here we have got some tips to clean your couch at home.

Look For the Tag on Your Furniture

The tag on the couch indicates the kind of upholstery fabric used to cover your couch. Care instructions for that specific couch will also be provided by the manufacturers. This will help you choose the best products for cleaning your couch. Codes like ‘S’ and ‘WS’ indicate that you can clean the couch by using dry cleaning methods. The other codes like W, O, or X means that the couch cannot be cleaned by dry cleaning methods. If dry cleaning is suitable for your couch, you can proceed with the remaining steps.

Buy a Dry Cleaning Agent

Dry cleaning does not mean that fabric will stay dry during the cleaning process. Dry cleaning agents are liquids that do not include water in their formula. It can be purchased in any supermarket or from online shopping sites. You can also get great advice and product suggestions from couch cleaning professionals.

Ventilate the Area

Dry cleaning solvents have a strong scent and it will be better if you open the doors and windows while dry cleaning your couch. Let the odour out and clean the air in. You can also use a table fan like an exhaust fan by keeping it towards the window. Proper ventilation is important while dry cleaning or you can do the cleaning in an open space.

Spot Test the Dry Cleaner

This is a very important step. It will let you know whether the dry cleaning solvent you bought can discolour the fabric of the couch. Rub a few amounts of dry cleaning agent into a small, hidden part of the couch. Leave this on for a few minutes and afterwards, check the area for any change, discolouration, or damage. If there is none, you can proceed with the next step

Apply Cleaner to the Rest of the Furniture

First, put the cleaner on a clean, white rag. Then you can use that rag and blot the cleaner onto the fabric. You don’t have to rub the cleaner, just press them gently against the couch fabric and the solvent will do the remaining job. Focus more on areas where there are visible stains and spots are present. Allow the cleaner solvent to dry and reapply if required.

Finish Off by Removing the Cleaner

Remove the dry solvent by pressing the fabric surface using a damp but not dripping cloth. Press it over the whole fabric to clean it off the dry solvent. Finally, air dry and vacuum the couch.


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