5 Tips to Help You Solve Escape Room Riddles Like A Pro

We all love riddles. Don’t we? They are one of the most popular brain teasers around the world. Riddles are used in about 37% of escape rooms, and they can be a tricky puzzle idea to complete. It can be quite challenging to solve escape room riddles when you’re stuck in a race against the clock. The distractions and the pressure to solve it quickly can make the situation worse.

Riddles are old-age puzzles for a reason, as they are good for the brain. Escape room riddles are no different. They may include a poem with a clue, a tricky question, or even a pencil riddle. Luckily, we have some tips to help you solve escape room riddles like a pro and win the game in no time!

1. Challenge Your Assumptions

The aim of escape room riddles is often to misdirect the players from the answer. They are designed to mock us when we start making assumptions about what the riddle is asking for.

The key is to challenge everything you assume is true. Ask yourself every possible question, and make sure the riddle doesn’t explicitly state what you are assuming. For instance, if the riddle contains a number, check if it’s even or odd, as this could determine how you solve it.

2. Watch Out for the Wordplay

Escape room creators love using metaphors, enigmas, and wordplay in order to make an obvious question very difficult. They may use wordplay to make the obvious question appear more complicated. Phrases like “what is the opposite of” or “same as” are great clues. Pay attention to the words that come before and after a specific word, as they can contain hidden meanings.

You can also try reframing and reversing the words to get a clue.

3. Use Metaphor

Enigmas are perhaps the most common type of riddle. These riddles use metaphors to describe what often seems impossible.

Finding out the hidden meaning behind the metaphor is key. Once you have identified the metaphor, try to think of the real-world object or situation it represents and then work from there.

Keep in mind that the metaphor could be literal or figurative. For example, if the riddle states, “I can be broken but still whole” it could refer to an egg that is fragile yet complete.

4. Look Out for Misdirection

If the answer to a riddle seems incredibly obvious, chances are you’re reading a misdirection riddle. Try to find the misdirection to get the real answer.

If your gut instinct tells you that the answer is too easy, think of the opposite answer. One example of this could be a riddle that states, “what comes down but never goes up?” The obvious answer would be rain; however, the real answer is a staircase.

5. Relax and Think

Solving a riddle is more about creativity than raw computing power. Overthinking the riddles can lead to frustration which can affect your ability to solve it.

If you find yourself stuck with a riddle, take a break, relax, and talk to your teammates. You never know; their perspective may help you solve the case.

These are some of the tips that can help you solve escape room riddles like a pro. Remember, take your time and enjoy the challenge!

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