5 Causes Why You Should Be Concerned Of Wrist Pain

It is not easy to get over any pain all the time. There must be some serious reasons behind it, and you need to find them out without raising any complications further. It is a pain that occurs in someone’s wrist, and it’s a feeling of discomfort that happens suddenly. KDMS hospital (โรงพยาบาลกระดูกและข้อ KDMS, which is the term in Thai) has experts that help you get relief from wrist pain.

Causes For Being Concerned About Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain can be the indicator of some serious underlying condition. So we should not avoid it.

·       Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

It occurs when pressure increases on the median nerve because it passes through the Carpal tunnel. It happens just because of the passageway of someone’s wrist. This is common for the people who used to work daily on laptops or computers. It will help if you put your hand correctly on the keyboard to avoid this syndrome. KDMS hospital doctors may suggest you decrease the pressure on wrist nerves that can only prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

·       Cysts:

If you feel cysts suddenly on your wrist and feel like soft tissue, it may cause pain in your palm. It can be worsened or more painful day by day. It looks like a lump all around the wrist that occurs suddenly to joints. If it’s not painful, it doesn’t need any treatment. But if you feel intense pain, you need to be worried and seek medical treatment.

·       Injuries:

If you fall suddenly by outstretching your wrist, it can be fatal for your wrist and palm as it may sometimes cause strains, sprain, or even fracture. Sudden accidents can happen anytime, so you need to be careful of your surroundings.

·       Kienbock’s Disease:

If the blood supply is compromised in your wrist bones, it can collapse the tiny bones of the wrist. But it mainly affects young people and kids. It’s a condition in which a small bone called lunate bone loses its blood supply. You can diagnose this by performing examinations like X-rays. So it would help if you put your wrist correctly before doing anything.


It can happen at a young age and in old age. You could face some risk factors, whether you may be active, very active, or between them. KDMS hospital can quickly help you overcome all such risks with their expert treatments.

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