4 Rhinoplasty Myth That You Should Not Believe

Going with the term “Rhinoplasty” or nose osteotomy (ตอกฐานจมูก, which is the term in Thai) that refers to a surgery of the nose to change its shape. Most people prefer this Rhinoplasty surgery for improving breathing issues along with appearance changes. Rhinoplasty surgery can be of any type of nose issue whether it is related to bone, skin, or cartilage alteration. To change the facial features related to the skin of the nose or bone, you can opt for Rhinoplasty surgery.

But there is always a drawback along with advantages of such procedures. Some turn out to be myths without any strong evidence or reports. Myths like it create an issue of long breathing after Rhinoplasty surgery. However, some opt for Rhinoplasty surgery due to having issues with breathing only. There are some other myths related to Rhinoplasty surgery is as follows;

For Particular Gender

This is the matter to ignore that Rhinoplasty surgery is for women. Because it is based on cosmetology treatment only women can opt for reshaping their noses, it is a myth. Men can even undergo reshaping their noses.

Painful Procedure

The Rhinoplasty surgery includes anesthesia while the procedure of surgery begins. Before that, only an outline of facial features is done. After the surgery, the surgeon prescribes painkiller medicines. So, it is a myth that Rhinoplasty is a painful procedure. Moreover, a surgeon before surgery recommends the patient all about their surgery and comforts them by sharing the experience of the procedure.

Nose Looks Fake After Surgery

Before the surgery, every surgeon is accustomed to providing you with details of the procedure and process involved in the surgery. From how the nose will look to how the process will make it look, these all details will be mentioned by the surgeon before undergoing surgery. So, the nose will look how you decided on the desired result after the recommendations and all consequences stated by the surgeon.

Replicate Celebrity’s Nose

This is the biggest myth a nose osteotomy surgery involves. Because a plastic surgeon doesn’t have the right to perform a Rhinoplasty surgery to make someone look like another. Moreover, it is against their ethics and the law of surgery to make the appearance or facial features of two people the same.


The nose osteotomy surgery involves modern surgical techniques that offer a natural natural-looking nose after even surgery. Rhinoplasty is done to achieve the desired result as the patient decides and desires. Rhinoplasty is done in a person by recommending all the preliminary and after-effects of such surgery. Only the surgeon tried to get those desired results after alteration while maintaining the nasal bone, soft tissue, and cartilage in a natural position.

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